Opening Lines to Test Your Printz Honor Book Knowledge

by flickr user urbanworkbench
by flickr user urbanworkbench

Want to write a book? Great! Just put your fingers on your keyboard and start typing.  There you go, your first sentence!

Perhaps that’s the way it works for some, but for many authors, the opening sentence is one to ponder. Should it be enigmatic, coy, hilarious, or profound? Will it be powerful or understated? Elaborately descriptive or one perfect word? That sentence is read in just a moment, but has the potential to excite a reader’s interest… or not.

Each one of the Printz Honor books in the multiple choice quiz below had to start with a first line. 

One thought on “Opening Lines to Test Your Printz Honor Book Knowledge”

  1. My favorite opening line from a Printz winner/honor book:

    “The best day of my life happened when I was five and almost died at Disney World.”

    Any guesses on which book that’s from?

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