Jukebooks: Zac & Mia by A. J. Betts

Zac and miaZac has spent plenty of time in the cancer ward, but he wasn’t supposed to be back here again. Back in Room 1, with its eighty-four ceiling tiles and slightly better window view. Now Room 2 has a new occupant, and Zac quickly becomes  familiar with her music taste when she blasts Lady Gaga’s Love Game – twenty times in a row. Turns out this is an appropriate introduction to Mia, a fireball of anger who is treating her cancer episode as a blip on the grand scheme of high school life.

Even Lady Gaga fans would be slow to select Love Game as a candidate for repeated playings. It’s a string of naughty innuendos wrapped around a club song melody. For full effect, see the video below. Be forewarned: it’s not Gaga at her greatest.

Video can be found on YouTube

Diane Colson