Jukebooks: Little Blue Lies by Chris Lynch

Little Blue Lies by Chris LynchWhen a relationship is built on lies, can it ever be true love? In Little Blue Lies by Chris Lynch, Oliver is proud to be a liar, and thrilled to find a lying soul mate in Junie Blue. Then Junie suddenly dumps him. Oliver desperately believes that they can be together, but how can he understand what went wrong when it was all a bunch of lies? 

Junie lives in a neighborhood controlled by a Mafia boss, known as One Who Knows. Oliver learns through unreliable sources that Junie has a winning lottery ticket, and that One Who Knows expects such a ticket to be turned over to him. Naively, Oliver thinks that he can use his family’s considerable wealth to rescue Junie and win her back.

Lyrics in the song, “Little Blue Lies” by The Stranglers also summon the image of a formidable kingpin.

Mr. Big is on the level
He’s no square
His magic number make our trouble disappear

The Stranglers is a British band that has been around since 1974 – and is still touring today. Their early sound was described by band member JJ Burnel as “…punk plus and then some.” (http://tinyurl.com/l7y6tsu) “Little Blue Lies” was released in 1995, after founding band member Hugh Cornwell quit the band. Still, the energy and technical polish of the band remained evident.

-Diane Colson, currently reading Talon (advanced reader’s copy) by Julia Kagawa