Jukebooks: Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols

Dirty Little SecretBailey is under a kind of gag-order regarding fiddle-playing. But she satisfies her need to play by backing up  all the fake Johnny Cashes and Dolly Partons that perform around Nashville. Until she meets Sam, who wants something more from her. Sam wants Bailey to join their band, which Bailey cannot do. She sure would like to play and see more of Sam, but Bailey is bound by a secret that keeps her from her own dreams.

With a Jennifer Echols book, you can expect steamy romance… with complications. Such is the nature of Bailey’s relationship with Sam. But they do  have a song that’s special to them; Lady Antebellum’s “Dancin’ Away With My Heart.” Here it is below, with a little backstory from the band members.

-Diane Colson, who is currently reading The Aftermath by Jen Alexander