2015 Hub Reading Challenge Check-in #2

Not signed up for YALSA’s 2014 Hub Reading Challenge? Read the official rules and sign up on the original post. Anything you’ve read since February 9 counts, so sign up now!

2015_reading_challenge_logoHello readers!  How is the challenge going?  I’m not participating this year because 1. I have read a lot of the titles already since I was on the 2015 Quick Picks Committee and 2. I am on another committee and need to read those books. I can tell you that I have already read 23 titles on this list. Maybe on my next check-in I’ll let you know which ones were favorites and which one had me cackling in laughter.

If you are a social media person (like me!), be sure to share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #hubchallenge.  You can also join the conversation over at the 2015 Goodreads Hub Reading Challenge group.

The titles you read during the Morris/Nonfiction Reading Challenge totally count, so make sure you count them! I didn’t read any during that time, but I had already read four before the announcements for my committee.

2015 reading challenge logo - participantYou have until 11:59 PM EST on June 21st to finish all 25 books which is plenty of time, right?  Keep track of your progress by commenting on the weekly check-in posts to let us know how you’re doing and what you’re reading and/or listening to; if you’ve reviewed those titles somewhere online, please include links to your reviews! Don’t forget to grab the Participant’s Badge for your blog, website, or email signature, and, as always, if you have any questions or problems, let us know in the comments or via email.


If you are a particularly fast reader and have already completed the challenge by reading or listening to 25 titles from the list of eligible books, be sure to fill out the form below so we can send you your Challenge Finisher badge, get in touch to coordinate your reader’s response and, perhaps best of all, to notify you if you win our exciting grand prize drawing! Be sure to use an email you check frequently and do not fill out this form until you have completed the challenge by reading 25 titles. 

32 thoughts on “2015 Hub Reading Challenge Check-in #2”

  1. I finished listening to Revolution by Deborah wiles this week. I was skeptical about this as an audiobook, but it really works!! I am still reading Bellweather Rhapsody in my quest to read all the Alex winners, but I’, not that far into it yet.

  2. This week I read The Crossover (#7) and Through the Woods (#8), and I’ve started Bingo’s Run. I’ve placed holds on most of the Alex books, but it might be awhile before I receive them. (Hopefully not all at once!) Meanwhile I’ve picked up any challenge books that were on the library shelf: Tomboy, Revolution and 5, 6, 7 Nate.

    I’d like to listen to more of the audiobooks, but unfortunately it seems some are ONLY available from audible. Please let me know if I’m wrong. I’m happy to buy an audiobook on cd. If I don’t like it I can donate it to the library or pass it on. If I don’t like an audible book, it just will languish on my computer.

  3. I started a non-challenge middle grade book (Paper Things) and am loving it so I’m a bit distracted at the moment… still at 3. #simsburyct

  4. Two down. Read Girls Like Us (#1) and listened to Fat Boy vs. the Cheerleaders (#2). I seriously love listening to Nick Podhel. He doesn’t narrate, he tells stories.
    I had How It Went Down sitting on my desk and read that…it’s a shame that Coretta Scott King books aren’t included in the list. Maybe next year?
    Now that that’s done, I’m starting I’ll Give You the Sun.

  5. I have finished 42 books, and my wife has finished 22 books. I still have 11 new ones to read (one of which will take a while since no one in our library system has it and I had to order it for our library’s collection), plus 23 re-reads in order to finish the whole list, if I’ve counted correctly.

    But this week I’ll be reading books for the Stonewall Committee, so I won’t probably make much progress on the rest of this list this week. My wife will probably finish the challenge this week. I’m trying to convince her to go for conquering the challenge, but she thinks I’m crazy for doing that, so I doubt I’ll get her on board. :)

  6. I missed the first check in, so this is for the last two weeks. Other than all of the Morris/Nonfiction nominees, I’ve read And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard, Through the Woods by Emily Carroll, and Jackaby by William Ritter. I really enjoyed And We Stay, even if it’s not my usual thing (never liked poetry much), and Jackaby was a fun read. Through the Woods was especially surprising, as I had picked it off the Quick Picks list and didn’t realize it was a graphic novel until I started it! It was really awesome, though. :) Up next, I’ve got The Young Elites. I also have Skink – No Surrender on audio and will start it as soon as I finish the current book. :)

  7. I read three this week. From the graphic novel list, I read Afterlife With Archie Volume 1. I haven’t read an Archie comic since I was a kid so it was interesting to see a different style of artwork. I also read two Quick Picks: I am Pusheen the Cat and Find Momo. Both were very cute.

  8. I read Scar Boys, Through the Woods, I am Pusheen the Cat, and Famous Last Words. I enjoyed Pusheen (adorable!!!) and Famous Last Words better than the other two.

  9. #12 Carnival at Bray 3/5 Sorry I could not be as enthused at others
    #13 November Blues 4.5/5 A reread – still a great book
    #14 Vango 2/5 Did not like anything about it
    #15 We Were Liars 5/5 Great suspense and surprise ending
    #16 Juvie 3/5 She was whiny & annoying
    #17 Gabi 2/5 Would not read if I didn’t have to. Had to keep going over
    sentences to figure out what the Spanish meant.

    Am listening to 5, 6, 7, Nate – the author is a pretty good reader. Guess the Morris and Non fiction winners I read should be counted also. Then my total count would be 25. 1/3 of the way there almost. Am down from 600 to 510 in line for All the Light We Cannot See. Will probably have to buy it and donate to the library.

    1. I’m in the same boat on that book – I’m in the 400s on the wait list, but who knows how long that will take, so I’ll probably end up buying it and donating it.

  10. This week I read The Shadow Hero and This One Summer. Am well into Jackaby – excellent for those who like Sherlock Holmes with a supernatural twist.

  11. This week I read Wolf in White Van and Laughing at my Nightmare, which brings me to 7 total.

  12. First two weeks:
    I’ll give you the sun: I expected to respect the quality of the writing, but was surprised by how much I also enjoyed reading the book, as my past experience with Printz winners has mainly been with books I didn’t enjoy very much. So — thanks, Challenge, for getting me to read this one!
    We were liars: This one probably suffered by my reading it so soon after I’ll give you the sun; I didn’t find the handling of withheld information nearly as successful.
    This one summer and Ms. Marvel: another reason I do the Challenge is to keep working on my graphic novel impairment. I still find the process of reading pictures for essential information far more difficult than reading prose.
    Also read Girls like us and The crossover.

    Currently listening to Curtsies & conspiracies and reading Shadow hero, with two more graphic novels queued up to follow. I had completed both the Morris and Nonfiction Challenges already.

  13. I didn’t check in last week, but so far, I have read The Jackaby, The Crossover, Forged by Fire, The Story of Owen, Gabi A Girl In Pieces, The Family Romanov, Catching Fire, Maus, This One Summer, Find Momo and Through the Woods. I am currently reading Tomboy, Ms Marvel and I’ll Give You the Sun. Hope to finish them this week!

  14. I finished “The Story of Owen” and “The Crossover” this week, bringing me up to 3. So far “The Crossover” is definitely my favorite (putting aside ones I read before the challenge)… I cried at the end! I can’t wait to book-talk it to classes and teens.

    Pardon me if someone has already asked this, but is there a reason that “Just Another Hero” by Sharon Draper is not on the list? I have it in YA, and the other two titles in the Jericho trilogy are listed.

    1. The Edwards Award chooses only certain works from an author’s full body of work to honor. So the books on the list are the ones the committee chose.

  15. Starting off slow, but hopefully free time will open up. Just finished book 1 which was Popular by Van Wagenen and really enjoyed it. Hit home several times, but she is a great inspiration and I can’t wait to book talk the book.

  16. This week I read In Real Life, Beyond Magenta, Wolf in White Van and The Terrorist’s Son, bringing my total to 15 books. I had a hard time getting into Wolf in White Van and almost didn’t finish it. I think I would have preferred reading something I would have enjoyed from the list. While I enjoy reading graphic novels, I didn’t enjoy In Real Life either. The illustrations are beautiful, but I didn’t love the story. I enjoyed The Terrorist’s Son and think I could encourage reluctant readers because it is such a short book and a quick read. I also enjoyed reading the teens’ stories in Beyond Magenta.

    This week I plan to read Tomboy, Lock in and The Crossover. I’m also still listening to Acid.

  17. I’ve finished The Crossover by Kwame Alexander and And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard. They were both terrific!

  18. Just one book this week – Tears of the Tiger. I can see the power of the book but I did not especially enjoy it. Another case of not being the intended audience and probably not catching some of the book’s nuances. I am going to start Laughing at my nightmare at lunch. I have quite a few books on hand I am just in a temporary reading slump – return dates loom though, so I better start cracking!

  19. The Terrorist’s Son was very short but had quite an impact. I am not a fan of a book taking place in the past but presented all in present tense.

    The Martian was well worth all the hype. The science is understandable and totally amazing. It is one of those books that is hard to put down and then you can’t wait until you get back to it.

  20. So much reading this week! I haven’t really been a graphic novel person, but read several this week and they are growing on me. I read I am Pusheen the Cat (LOVE), Ms. Marvel, Through the Woods, The Shadow Hero, IRL (LOVE, LOVE), listened to William Shakespeare’s Star Wars (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) and read The Crossover (more LOVE).
    I started keeping track on a goodreads account. I haven’t read this much in years! I know being part of a reading challenge is the way to light a fire under my butt to read more!

  21. I listened to Love Letters to the Dead and read Tomboy – loved them both! I’ve started Popular and I have Beyond Magenta up next!

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