#YAPeeps, a Sweet Twitter Trend

peepsThis past weekend you may have been celebrating Easter, Passover, or just time off school or work. Maybe you hid eggs, or found them, or ate way too much candy. But, regardless of religious affiliation or work schedule, I hope you made time to consume those glorious neon glowing sugar coated marshmallow confectionery known as Peeps. Those adorable chicks are a staple of spring time snacking. Maybe you enjoyed a few peeps while relaxing with a good book. If you were paying attention in the YA Lit Twitter Sphere you may have noticed the hashtag #YAPeeps that was trending on April 3rd, but, in case you missed it, I’ve gathered some of my favorite #YAPeeps for you to enjoy.

The earliest tweet came from Epic Reads.  It continued to be one of the most referenced books.

Another oft tweeted title was:

As was:

Some new books were mentioned:

Some old ones too:

Some cheating occurred.

Whole series were rechristened.

Several Hub Challenge titles appeared.

Some tweets even had pictures.

And a sweet time was had by all. Add your favorites in the comments! Happy spring!

-Emily Childress-Campbell, currently listening to Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver