YA Lit Dream Interpretation: Snakes

In your dream you are walking along a path in the woods when suddenly the trail becomes writhing snakes.  You cannot walk, you slip, fall and land among them.  The snakes climb over and above you.  You cannot see the sky.  You are suffocating.  

You wake up suddenly. Startled and confused you wonder, what did it all mean?  Freud might have a lot of explanations for your dream.  But a better interpretation is: you need fiction to solve your nightmarish concerns.  No need to psychoanalyze when some reader’s advisory  has the cure.

As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive change. (DreamMoods)

This nightmare about snakes sounds like an impetuous for growth.  Are you heading to college soon?  Are you taking driving lessons this spring?  What other opportunities are you facing?  The following titles will inspire and guide you to reach your potential.

14830774The Look by Sophia Bennett

Ted has the ultimate epiphany about modeling while on a photo shoot.  There is never a wrong time to choose what is right for yourself.  Learn to be yourself by reading about Ted’s struggle to escape her beautiful sister’s shadow.



Black Boy White School by Brian F. Walker

Ant is going to get out.  He’s getting out of dangerous neighborhood.  He is going to find a new life at a new school.  Too bad the new school has its own problems.  Now lines have been crossed and choices have been made.  Its time for Ant to take a stand and prove wherever he is, he can make a difference. 

22040598The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

David Smith has lost everything.  Desperate and homeless, he bets everything on his art.  He struggles to find inspiration for a gallery opening while learning to love his free spirited roommate.  David desperately wants to be famous but will he find what he truly needs along the way?

Rock the Boat by Sigmund Brouwer22946855

Webb is looking to break into the Nashville music scene.  With minimal cash and few contacts he only has a short amount of time to make it big.  Reduced to busking on the streets, Webb’s talent earn him a strong friendship that will prove valuable. When Webb is accused of plagiarizing lyrics can stand up for himself or will he need a ticket home?

23332877 (1)Manga Classics: The Scarlet Letter by Stacy King

Celebrate growth and change with a manga edition of the classic redemptive story, The Scarlet Letter.  In this adaptation, Hester’s struggle for piety and forgiveness is admirable and seemingly achievable.  Will Reverend Dimmesdale and Dr. Chillingworth learn from Hester and Pearl and accept change in their lives as well?


It’s all about perspective. Fear of snakes is a common phobia that we don’t really understand.  Instead of thinking negatively about your fear, use the emotion to propel you.  Imagine the snakes of your nightmares if they are part of Staff of Asclepius, a symbol from Greek mythology that represents medicine and healing.

-Laura C Perenic,  currently reading Moonpenny Island by Tricia Springstubb