Notes from a Teens Top Ten Book Group Member: The Geography of You and Me Fantasy Casting

TeensTopTen_winner_WMTeens across the nation vote each year for the Teens’ Top Ten book list and the results are eagerly anticipated during Teen Read Week in October– but did you know how the books are nominated for this list in the first place?

Books are nominated by members of Teens’ Top Ten book groups in school and public libraries around the country. To give you a glimpse of some of the teens behind this process, we’re featuring posts from Teens’ Top Ten book groups here on The Hub. Today we have a fantasy cast list for Jennifer E. Smith’s novel The Geography of You and Me, created by Diamond Oldham of the Volunteer Reading Club in Clarksville, TN. 

geography of you and meThis isn’t an archetypal love story. Lucy and Owen, through all their trials and the tribulations, would never forget the Blackout in New York that began this quixotic love story. It took that one unique moment and they were in love, and in an instantaneous moment they were separated. Jennifer Smith’s book is one of heartache and unconditional love. When the characters cried, you cried. The journey of The Geography of You and Me is one I will never forget.

And if this sensational romantic tale is made into a movie, others will be able to appreciate the roller-coaster of emotions they will feel and be able to see that sometimes love can turn impossible things into possible things.

Here is my fantasy casting for The Geography of You And Me by Jennifer Smith:

emma-watsonEmma Watson as Lucy Patterson: in her later years as the shy, innocent type with a tad bit of wallflower in her.





logan-lermanLogan Lerman as Owen Buckley: the silent but mysteriously adventurous type.






liam-neesonLiam Neeson as George: the caring and nice doorman.







leonardo-dicaprioLeonardo Dicaprio as Sam Coleman: the mean but caring type.






ansel-elgortAnsel Elgort as Casey: the long lost best friend type.






michael-b-jordanMichael B. Jordan as Josh: the long lost best friend type.






brad-pittBrad Pitt as Mr. Buckley: in his later years as a struggling father that lost his wife.





richard-maddenRichard Madden as Liam: the strong athletic type.






emma-stoneEmma Stone as Paisley: the femme fatale.






hugh-jackmanHugh Jackman as Mr. Patterson: the loving father who, a lot of the time, doesn’t pay attention to his daughter.




courtney-coxCourtney Cox-Arquette as Mrs. Patterson: the mother that’s loving but will do anything for her child.





nick-robinsonNick Robinson as Lucy’s brother: twin of Zac Efron brotherly type.






zac-efronZac Efron as Lucy’s second brother: twin of Nick Robinson brotherly type.






Jennifer Lawrence as Lucy’s cousin

-Diamond Oldham