Here’s Your Fandom Fix

Game of Thrones just aired its season finale, Doctor Who doesn’t come on until September, and you’ve waited over a year for Sherlock; how are you supposed to cope?

Readalikes are your answer. Novels comparable to popular TV shows have found their way in YA fiction so now you can get for fandom fix during the hiatus of your favorite series.

Game of Thrones Readalikes:

  • false prince jennifer a nielsen coverThe False Prince (The Ascendence Trilogy) by Jennifer Neilsen-  The royal family has been murdered and in order to keep the throne out of the wrong hands, Conner, a nobleman of the court sets off to find the long lost prince who disappeared several years prior. Connor’s plan to is find, train, and groom orphans who resemble the long lost prince to keep the throne in safe hands. Sage is one of those orphans and he must fight three others to win.
  • Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes-The three kingdoms of Mytica fight for power and four teens from different nations are caught in the middle. Magnus, the son of the Blood King, must gain his father’s acceptance while quelling his feeling for his sister Lucia. Lucia discovers she can wield magic but is the daughter of the Blood King who condemns all magic. Cleo is a beautiful and beloved princess and has suffered a terrible tragedy and must find a way back to her rightful throne. Jonas, a rebel, vows to avenge the wrongful death of his brother. They all seek the throne and through this six book series, readers follow their favorite character on their journey to claim Mytica.

Doctor Who Readalikes:

  • A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab-There are four Londons, Grey London; Red London; White London; and Black London, that exist in four dimensions and only two people in the world can travel between them and one of them is Kell. Kell is a smuggler and one day he acquires a magical black stone but his illegal activities catch up to him. Lila, a thief who dreams of independence and travel, saves Kell’s life and is quickly drawn into his mysterious world. Together, Kell and Lila must return the smuggled black magic stone to Black London before it falls into the wrong hands.
  • A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Grey-The Firebird, a time traveling device, has been stolen and its creator murdered. Marguerite and her murdered father’s intern must travel through time and dimensions to avenge her father’s death and bring back the original Firebird.

Sherlock Readalikes:

  • JackabyJackaby by William Ritter-Jackaby doesn’t use his skill of deductive reasoning to hunt criminals, he uses his abilities to see the supernatural to hunt banshees and vampires. While seeking a new assistant, Jackaby meets Abigail- a young girl escaping the thumb of her father. Together Jackaby and Abigail track down a serial killer.
  • Madness so Discreet by Mindy McGinnis (to be published October 6, 2015)-Grace has been sent to a mental institution but it’s not for her unusually keen senses it’s for other matters. She is due to be released soon but Grace would rather die than go home so she and the institution’s traveling doctor plan her escape. As a free girl with no place to go, Grace offers her abilities to assist the doctor as he tries to solve a string of murders.

Supernatural Readalikes

  • The Witch Hunter by Virginia Boecker-Elizabeth is one of the best witch hunters in the country but when she’s suspected as being a witch, she soon becomes the hunted. Will the witches she used to hunt help her as she proves her innocence?
  • While by Joseph Delaney-Tom is a spook or someone who finds and eradicates the supernatural and he is in the need of an assistant who can last longer than a night. Jenny is in desperate need of a job and a home and will prove that although she is a girl; she is up to the challenge. Together Tom and Jenny protect their town from a strong supernatural being that is coming straight for them.

-Dawn Abron, currently reading Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo