Book/Life Pairings

MultitaskingFinalHow do you fit reading into life? Everywhere of course! Here are some fun suggestions of how to incorporate books into (almost) all parts of your life. I guess there are some events where books don’t belong… But you may be surprised by these multitasking opportunities.

Running/Vigorous Exercise

Some fast paced audio that will make you want to work out every day and never stop!

The Knife of Never Letting Go
The Knife of Never Letting Go


The Knife Of Never Letting Go
(and Chaos Walking series)

(2011 Odyssey Honor Audiobook, 2011 Top Ten Audio Books for Young Adults, 2009 Best Books for Young Adult)

by Patrick Ness and Nick Podehl

The action-packed audio book will help you keep up an energetic pace and be thoroughly entertained all the while.  Podehl’s amazing narration enhances Ness’ Sci-fi world which consists of only men whose thoughts are audible. Bonus: best talking dog voice ever.

Girl, Stolen

by April Henry and Kate Rudd

(2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults)

Here is a thrill ride of a book that will keep you on your toes.  Follow Cheyenne, a sixteen year old girl who is blind, as she gets kidnapped accidentally by a car thief.  Clever Cheyenne methodically and systematically plans her escape while poor mistreated wannabe criminal Griffin tries to do the right thing in spite of his horrendous family.

Divergent (and sequels)

(2012 Quick Picks for Young Adults , 2012 Teens Top Ten )

Divergent Audio
Divergent Audio

by Veronica Roth and Emma Galvin

This nail-biting gritty tale is perfect to listen to and get in shape!  You will run like a Dauntless trying to catch a train as you join Tris on her epic search for the truth in post-apocalyptic Chicago.


Pool/Beach Side

Summer-themed titles perfect for reading while your toes are in the sand or the water.

Nantucket Blue

by Leila Howland

Cricket Thompson was on her way to dream summer vacation on Nantucket.  But when tragedy strikes, the idyllic life gets real.  Perfect for your own summer sun soak up but with enough depth that you will actually remember it after you have washed off the sunscreen.

We Were Liars

We Were Liars

by E. Lockhart

Summers on a private island off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard with your favorite cousins and crush-worthy family friend? That is how Cady spends her summers.  An enviable life… until you look beneath the surface.   This is a a flawlessly crafted mystery masquerading as a sweet summer tale with a bit of romance.

Since You’ve Been Gone

by Morgan Matson

Emily’s summer starts out kind of crappy: her best friend and instant fun-maker Sloane is MIA.  But Sloane leaves behind a to-do list for Emily that is make or break: have an adventurous summer or crawl back into her shell?  This is a fun tale of friendship, taking chances, and growing up.

During Commercials

It seems the digital age has caught on to the fact that we were all fast forwarding through commercials.  It was great while it lasted. But lately, I find I am once again forced to endure boring ads even while watching on-demand TV.  Never fear, keep a book near!

i hunt killers barry lyga cover
I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent)

I Hunt Killers and the Jasper Dent series

by Barry Lyga

Jasper is a likeable guy– he sometimes experiences serial killer-like emotions but don’t hold it against him.  Lyga’s highly developed characters in a realistic setting make for an interesting read which is easy to pick up and jump right into.


by Scott Westerfeld

This clever meta-fiction makes for a very engaging and unique read. Chapters jump between new young adult author Darcy Patel as she navigates the publishing world and Lizzie, the protagonist in Darcy’s paranormal novel.  You can easily jump between both stories and whatever you are watching!

Legend series

by Marie Lu

June and Day rule!  You may find yourself so engrossed in their tales fighting the evil government in a futuristic Los Angeles that you forget all about that show you wanted to watch.


What better time to catch up on reading than on a vacation?  Unpack that briefcase and gather up some great books. These suggestions should help take you away…

The Girl at Midnight
The Girl at Midnight

Girl at Midnight

by Melissa Grey

I think the fantasy world has been waiting to meet a girl like Echo and explore a world like this. Human in a world of powerful Avian creatures and their nemeses the Dragons, Echo is a clever little thief who seems over her head until you get to know her.

The Darkest Part of the Forest

by Holly Black

Hazel and her brother Ben live in Fairfold– a world just like ours.  Except for the faeries of course.  An ancient knight has been in an enchanted sleep for decades; can sword-wielding, faerie-swindling Hazel free him?

The Carnival at Bray
The Carnival at Bray

The Carnival at Bray

(2015 Printz Honor Book)

by Jessie Ann Foley

Maggie is a stranger in a strange land.  It’s the 1990s in Ireland and the girl’s family has relocated from Chicago to the small seaside village of Bray.  Lonely and living with a dysfunctional mother, Maggie finds solace in the music of Nirvana.

With your Significant Other

Maybe you have a special someone in your life who complains that you always have your nose in a book.  These sweet and accessible romantic tales will make your honey swoon right along with you.  Say it with me: “Aw……”

Perfectly Good White Boy
Perfectly Good White Boy

Perfectly Good White Boy

by Carrie Mescrobian

Sean is a pretty typical teenage boy.  His mind is usually on one thing: sex and how to get it.  He also occasionally thinks about his alcoholic father, his on again/off again girl friend Hallie, his best friend with no benefits (yet) Necie, and his future — specifically what he is going to do after he graduates.  This is a believable tale with characters so real you will miss them when you close the book.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

(2013 Printz Honor Book )

by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Ari and Dante meet one summer at the local swimming pool.  Their friendship blossoms and the two help each other navigate the complexities of their worlds: of which their love for each other is just one.

Eleanor and Park
Eleanor and Park

Eleanor and Park

(2014 Printz Honor Book )

by Rainbow Rowell

This instant classic tale of an unlikely couple will melt the heart of all readers. Oddball new girl Eleanor stumbles onto the bus and into Park’s heart.   A sweet romantic tale complete with  awesome Eighties mix tapes and fashion faux pas.


Some long and engrossing series to listen to so you can walk on and on and never get bored!

The Raven Boys
The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys (and Raven cycle series)

by Maggie Stiefvater

Blue Sargent lives in a house of psychics and has grown up with the knowledge that the first boy she kisses will die.  In a vision, Blue sees Gansey: a rich boy from the local prep school.  Along with Gansey’s roommates Noah and Rowan, they begin an epic journey to find  truth and power– which lies in something ancient and dangerous.  An engrossing and addictive series which will keep you guessing (and walking).

Finnikin of the Rock (and Lumatere Series sequels)

(2011 Top Ten Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults )

By Melina Marchetta

Young Finnikin hales from Lumatere, a once great kingdom which been overtaken by usurpers and cursed for the past decade making it impossible to enter or leave.  Finnikin and Sir Topher explore bordering kingdoms in search of a way back home and find Evanjalin, a mysterious young woman who has the unique ability to “walk the dreams” of others and hints that Lumatere’s true heir is alive after all.  This gorgeously narrated tale allows you to step right into Marchetta’s world… and you won’t want to leave.

More ideas?  How about good reads for cooking, cleaning, driving, and/or in-flight reads?

-Tara Kehoe, currently reading The Walls Around Us by Nova Ren Suma