Notes from a Teens’ Top Ten Book Club Participant: Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams

TeensTopTen_winner_WMTeens across the nation vote each year for the Teens’ Top Ten book list and the results are eagerly anticipated during Teen Read Week every October– but did you know how the books are nominated for this list in the first place?

Books are nominated by members of Teens’ Top Ten book groups in school and public libraries around the country. To give you a glimpse of some of the teens behind this process, we’re featuring posts from Teens’ Top Ten book groups here on The Hub. Today, Mila Bleeke, a 17 year old from the Allen County Public Library Teen Advisory Board in Indiana, brings us some thoughts on a newly released YA book.

I just finished reading Ruthless by Carolyn Lee Adams, and I’ve got to say it is an a amazing book. In this story, a girl is kidnapped and uses her strength to survive. Throughout reading it, I was comparing it to the movies Hard Candy which features a young Ellen Page and The Lovely Bones which features Saoirse Ronan.


If you loved one or both of those movies, I highly recommend this fast-paced book. Ruthless just came out in bookstores on July 14th.

-Mila Bleeke