The Monday Poll: Favorite Boarding School YA Novel

Last week’s poll asked what novelist who typically writes for adults you’d love to see pen a YA novel, and the overwhelming favorite was Monday Poll @ YALSA's The HubGillian Flynn with 38% of the votes, although Junot Diaz was another popular choice with 24% of the votes. You can see detailed results for all of our previous polls in the Polls Archive. Thanks to all of you who voted and commented last week!

This week, we’re looking for your favorite YA novel set in boarding school. Here’s a sampling of YA novels where the characters attend boarding school, but they are by no means the only ones! Vote for your favorite below or share another title in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “The Monday Poll: Favorite Boarding School YA Novel”

  1. I guess Harry Potter isn’t YA (at least in the beginning), but I do consider Hogwart’s to be a boarding school!!!

    1. Hi Leslie,

      You’re right, Hogwart’s is a very special boarding school! When we include Harry Potter in polls, it always wins, so this was just in the interest of variety :) That’s why we also say to leave any other suggestions in the comments!

  2. My vote goes to THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY OF FRANKIE LANDAU-BANKS if I limit the contenders to anything written during this century.

    (If we’re talking about last century there are a number of British school stories written between the very early 1900’s and the late 1950’s which would be contenders for me — but might not qualify as YA since most if not all of these were written before YA fiction established itself as a separate category from juvenile.)

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