Take Five: Favorite Teen Movies

With the changing of the season, it seems like a perfect time for a movie marathon, and after reading the submissions from a handful of Hub bloggers about their favorite teen movies, I bet you’ll be ready for a marathon, too.

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What’s your favorite teen movie? 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  Hands-down the best teen flick ever.  Sly Ferris.  Moody Cameron.  Fun-Loving Sloane.  And (of course) super angry/jealous Jeanie.  One of the best movies of all time!  And my second place choice:  Dazed & Confused.— Stacy Holbrook

Clueless. Based on Emma by Jane Austen (one of my favorite authors) and it perfectly captures the styles of the ‘90’s. — Carla Land

Sixteen Candles.  John Hughes makes moves that totally express the teenage experience in such a normal way.  Sixteen Candles was a movie my older sister loved, and when I was a teenager, I identified so much with Sam (embarrassing grandparents, unrequited crush) that I wanted to be her – if only to end up with Jake Ryan in the end!  —Traci Glass

Mean Girls.  This movie has it all.  The cool A-list clique called the Plastics, the handsome guy Aaron, the fun Christmas play with short skirts, the burn book, and of course Lindsay Lohan as Cady.  The movie tells the story of Cady’s rise to popularity after being homeschooled in Africa her entire life.  I love this movie and can even relate to it now as a grown up in my daily life at work and out in the world.  — Kimberli Buckley

My favorite teen movie is the oft-overlooked and totally underrated Pump Up the Volume, starring Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis.  Shy, awkward Mark keeps his pirate radio alter-ego, Hard Harry, a secret until the audacious and persistent Nora, a fellow student at Hubert Humphrey High, discovers his true identity.  Come for the familiar story, but stay for Harry’s spot-on rants and disaffected, but hopeful, rambling.  And buy the soundtrack. — Julie Bartel

—Molly Wetta, currently reading A Thousand Nights by E.K. Johnston

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  1. Valley Girl!! One of Nicholas Cage’s first movies, it’s got the best New Wave soundtrack and an excellent ‘be yourself’ message.

    And Heathers. You really can’t go wrong with that at all.

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