What Would They Read?: Steven Carter

Have you had a chance to watch Finding Carter a very intense series that first aired on MTV last year?  The show is about a teenage girl named Carter Stevens who is confident, pretty, and popular, which are traits quite handy in navigating high school life.  She also has an amazing relationship with her mom who always tells Carter how much she loves her.  One fateful night Carter is out partying with her friends and things get out of control and she ends up being detained by the police.  Nothing prepares Carter for the punch-in-the-gut news that comes when she is told that she can’t go home to her mom – ever.  Carter finds out she was abducted when she was three, and now she must return to her biological family, who thought she was gone forever.  As Carter tries to forge a new life with her real parents, twin sister (fraternal), and younger brother, she must also adjust to life in a new school.  Carter misses her “mom” terribly and she can’t get over the fact that her real parents are pressing charges.

finding carter

Carter has a lot of emotional issues and she jumps into anything that will take her mind off of missing the woman that she thought was her mother.  If Carter walked into my library right now what books would I recommend for her to read?  Here’s what I would suggest.

Whatever Happened to Janie? by Carolyn B. Cooney – This story is basically Carter’s life.  Janie Johnson is really Janie Spring and the Spring family wants justice, but who is to blame?  Just as Carter is trying to figure out her life, Janie is having difficulties having two separate families.
whatever happened to janie caroline b. cooney

Cinder by Marissa Meyer – Just like Carter, Cinder is caught between duty, freedom, loyalty, and betrayal.  She must uncover secrets from her past in order to make way for her future.

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles – Carter likes the bad boys.  She’s got a soft spot for them, but she’s the one that usually makes them turn into puppy dogs.
perfect chemistry

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid – I can just imagine Carter and her friends going on an adventurous trip just like the five strangers that Leila meets on her trip to see the Northern Lights.  Carter would really enjoy a story about love, loss, and finding yourself all intertwined in a cross country adventure.
let's get lost ali alsaid

Boys Like You by Juliana Stone – I think Carter could totally relate with Monroe Blackwell.  One mistake and everything changes and life as you know it will never be the same.  Both Carter and Monroe can speak to how mistakes can tear a family apart.
boys like you juliana stone


Kimberli Buckley, currently reading The Syndrome by Ridley Pearson