Take Five: Favorite Holiday Movies

This time of year, many are watching their old holiday favorite movies, and the Hub bloggers are no exception! Today, we’re sharing our favorite more obscure holiday movies.

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Every December I will always watch Sandra Bullock in While You Were Sleeping.  It is absurd and I love it.  I am wholly enamoured with all of the characters.  For me it has always stood apart from other Romantic Comedies.  Lucy is both optimistic and forlorn in her attempts to find love while working at the train Station. When Lucy protects a man after he has been robbed, she unexpectedly becomes part of his life. I love the change-ups both expected and unexpected.  Don’t look closely at the plot though it will all unravel in a minute. — Laura Perenic

My favorite holiday movie that may very well be under-appreciated is Surviving Christmas, which stars Ben Affleck as this guy Drew who doesn’t have any family and he’d much rather go on a trip to Tahiti instead of celebrating Christmas.  His girlfriend gets mad at him and after a recommendation from his therapist he goes back to his childhood home to sort out his problems.  A new family lives in his old house and when Drew shows up at their door the movie gets funnier and funnier.  I love this movie because it’s a total clique on how you can find true love and how you can create a new family and live happily ever after.  Definitely a spirit building movie and I love to watch it every year! — Kimberli Buckley

Ever since it came out, my family’s go-to Thanksgiving movie is Dutch with Ed O’Neill and Ethan Embry (back then he was Ethan Randall).  I love how Embry’s character starts off as  snotty, annoying, and angsty but is transformed through a series of events on the worst road trip ever.  And how O’Neill’s character is a constant surprise.  Another Thanksgiving flick that is definitely underrated:  Pieces of April (2003) with Katies Holmes (as a pretty goth chick).  It shows how people come together by the holiday. — Stacy Holbrook

Easily A Muppet Christmas Carol. “We’re Marley and Marley. Our hearts were painted BLACK!” Michael Caine at his finest. The muppets at their finest. Man, I want to watch that right now actually. YOU CAN BE AN ADULT AND LIKE THIS MOVIE, OKAY?! — Ethan Evans

I have this incredible soft spot for Prancer. It’s such an authentic portrayal of small town rural life and poverty. Jessica, the main character, is perhaps too old to still believe in Santa Claus, but her faith is inspiring. She’s got such determination and such a good heart. — Molly Wetta

Scrooge, the 1970 musical starring Albert Finney, with an unforgettable cameo by Obi Wan Kenobi Alec Guinness is my favorite version of Dickens’  A Christmas Carol, and I watch it at least once every year (sometimes more than once.) It’s funny, it’s musical, it’s totally over the top, and it’s just so joyful and sincere.  I love it.  The Ref  with Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, and Judy Davis is another underrated (and R rated) holiday favorite that certainly isn’t for everyone, but I look forward to it every December.  If a movie can be realistically mean-spirited and sort of heartwarming at the same time, The Ref is that movie. — Julie Bartel

What’s your favorite holiday movie? 

—Molly Wetta, currently watching Jessica Jones on Netflix

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  1. My favorite holiday movie (since childhood) is, and always will be, A Christmas Story. I have to watch it at least once every year. Even if I know the plot and have whole sections of the dialogue memorized, I always cheer on Ralphie’s attempts to score that coveted present: an Official Red Rider BB Gun. This movie brings back good memories of watching it with my Dad. And then there was that Xmas when I was 10 my cousins and I did that (now-infamous) reinactment of the “Show me how the piggies eat” scene during dinner.

    If you haven’t seen this classic yet, you need to watch it. Like, soon! I triple dog dare ya!

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