2016 Hub Challenge Check-in #1

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the hub 2016 reading challenge

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I started the challenge with two books I’ve had on my to-be-read list for a long time: More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera and Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak. Both intrigued me when they were first released, but in 2015 I was making a conscious effort to read books by women authors. Now I’m excited to tackle them!

more happy than not, wonders of the invisible world

I also put a number of books on hold at the library—mostly Alex Award winners, since I generally read mostly YA fiction, and it’s nice to switch it up with some adult books.

What have you been reading for the challenge? What are you most excited to get to? Share in the comments! 

— Molly Wetta, currently reading More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

44 thoughts on “2016 Hub Challenge Check-in #1”

  1. I am in the middle of an audio, a graphic novel, a non-fiction book, and a fiction book so although I haven’t added any to my count this week, next check-in I will! I am at 6 and am enjoying everything I’ve read so far. Can’t wait to see what everyone has been enjoying! My favorites so far have been Most Dangerous and More Happy Than Not.

  2. I’ve already read The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly but I haven’t posted my thoughts on my blog yet. I’m currently working on Most Dangerous, which I’ve been meaning to read for a while. I need to remember to do some bookstagramming.

  3. I read as part of the Wm Morris Award Simon vs the HomoSapeins Agenda (loved it) started The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly which is a Wm Morris Award book & finished & loved Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy for Reluctant Readers & am listening to Girl at War, an Alex Award title. All my reviews are on Goodreads as bjneary 2016 The Hub .

  4. I’ve read 3 books from the Morris Challenge, and still am reading Minnow. Did I miss the list of eligible titles? did I miss it?

  5. I’ve read Ransom Riggs Library of Lost Souls. Loved it!

    And Lumberjanes #1…just interested enough to read the next graphic novel.

    Currently reading The War That Saved My life. It is a fast read and one instantly connects with the plight of these little kids and the horrible situation they came from. I think the rest of the read will be awesome.

    Can’t wait for my next batch of books this week!

  6. Since I’m in my first week of school still I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands so, I was able to read THREE books and I’m ecstatic ^_^ .
    I’ve read:
    Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
    Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis and
    The Ghosts of Heaven by Marcus Sedgwick.
    Currently I’m reading The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds and I have about 10? holds on books/e-books. I have a long commute to school (3+hours each way) so, I might also download a audiobook too.

  7. I am four books in, with several more waiting to be picked up at the library! I plan on doing a quick write up on my blog.

    I listened to:
    *Waistcoats & Weaponry (love Gail Carriger and coincidentally had just started reading this book, so I switched over to the audiobook)
    *What If? (loved that geek references were thrown in with scientific principles, and that it was read by Wil Wheaton)

    … and read both volumes of:
    * Lumberjanes (Riley and April are awesome, need more volumes now)
    *Roller Girl (pulled from my daughter’s bookshelf, Astrid reminds me a lot of her)

  8. Any excuse to read….

    Bone Gap, there is a title that is begging to be reread!
    Awkward, middle school is tough, great pictures in this graphic novel. Love the story about accepting and not prejudging people for who they are.
    Humans of New York, compelling. Spoke with my ELA department about using it with two of their IB planners.

    I haven’t blogged about the titles yet, that is on my list of things to do this week. My next book is “Most Dangerous – Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War.” Going to try to tackle some non-fiction titles. I usually read fiction because I deal with reality everyday ;-)

  9. I’m listening to Libba Bray’s Lair of Dreams during my morning walks. It’s 20 hours long so it will take a while to finish.
    So far I have read the following graphic novels: Ms. Marvel volumes 2 & 3 and Roller Girl. I will comment on my love and defense of graphic novels later this week at http://snmelfi.blogspot.com/
    Last night I started All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. The premise reminds me of Kekla Magoon’s How it Went Down which I really liked so I’m curious how AAB will compare to HIWD.

  10. I finished only one – Squirrel Girl volume 1. However, I started listening to What if? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. So far the chapters have been kind of hit or miss. Some of it is boring and goes wayyy over my head, but a lot of it is truly fascinating and pretty funny.

  11. Here’s what my Hub Challenge shelf looks like after week one: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/1228669?shelf=2016hubchallenge

    Currently reading Zeroboxer, which is great, if WAY out of my comfort zone.

    But the biggest accomplishment this week was that I gave my dad, who is decidedly NOT a reader, Most Dangerous for Christmas because he’s a Vietnam vet and always interested in history. I never expected he’d read it, but last week he called me singing its praises after he finished it. Yay for book evangelism!

  12. I was surprised to find that I had already read quite a few of the books that made the lists this year, but it wasn’t difficult to find 25 titles that I haven’t to add to my TBR list (a lot were there already) especially with the addition of some new lists this year.

    So far I have read Most Dangerous and Enchanted Air (from the Nonfiction Challenge) and The Red Queen. I just started Bone Gap and Six of Crows is on deck.

    Of the three I’ve completed, my favorite was Most Dangerous. I always need a little nudge to pick up nonfiction, and I’m so glad that the Excellence in Nonficiton list led me to this book. I learned a lot and was never bored. Sheinkin really knows how to do nonfiction for young adults!

  13. I finished three more this week. Drowned City – a rare (for me) thoroughly interesting and enjoyable (if anything about Katrina can be enjoyable) graphic novel. I read Nimona yesterday. I did not care for it very much, though its themes were well-done. I also read Book of a Thousand Days. I liked the story – in general – though the execution of the story wasn’t great. I did like the occasional inclusion of a drawing, however.

  14. Enchanted Air (the one I didn’t finish in time for the Nonfiction challenge) and Awkward are the only two I finished this week, but I’m most of the way through Waistcoats and Weaponry which I’m enjoying as much as I have the others in the series. I have the Hub Challenge to thank for getting me into those — previously I was avoiding them under my longstanding I Don’t Do Anything With Vampires oath, but in this instance I’m glad to have been persuaded into making the exception.

    Note to anyone out there who may not already have read Jane Yolen’s Briar Rose (Popular Paperbacks Top Ten) — I recommend this one as strongly as possible. It’s a wonderful book about the power and the mystery of storytelling.

  15. I had Because You’ll Never Meet Me and Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda read from the Morris challenge, so in addition to those two I read:
    Ms. Marvel vol 2 and 3 (reread for the challenge, loved them even more the second time through)
    The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan (one of his only books I hadn’t read because it’s a novel in verse… I personally dislike verse novels a LOT, so this was a struggle. But I did enjoy it a little!)
    Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale (another reread, but I’d forgotten a lot so it was really fun!)
    I’m also listening to What If? and should be done soon!

  16. Yikes, guys. I took home three books and an audiobook last week and I haven’t finished any of them! I’ve had a lot of extra time in the car lately, so listening to Trollhunters has been fun. I have tomorrow off so my goal is to read Roller Girl.

  17. This week I read Half the World, The Darkest Minds, Lair of Dreams, Between the World and Me, Bones & All, All Involved, Girl at War, The Unraveling of Mercy Louis, one of the Squirrel Girl comics, one of the Lumberjane Comics, Undocumented, X, Nimona, and I’m listening to Lair of Dreams in my car and What If? at my desk at work.

    My favorite was Nimona. The one I thought was weirdest was Bones & All.

  18. 10 1/2 books in. Currently listening to Lair of Dreams by Libba Bray. I love all of her books and the audio is great too. I read the Morris Awards and the YA nonfiction book award titles. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens – mixed feelings. I liked the interaction between the two boys through email where they shared their feelings through what they thought would stay anonymous, but I found the reactions of their respective families to their coming out a little too easy to believe. The Sacred lies of Minnow Bly was one of the creepiest, scariest books I’d read in a while because it can (and has in different ways) already happened. Well written. Most Dangerous by Sheinkin was eye-opening and really put a hurting on my Pollyanna ideals. Symphony for the city of the dead dragged for me. I get that it is about the power of music in the most dire of circumstances, but it seemed to bog down in so many details it was hard to get through it. That’s just me. I have several waiting to read – why do all my reserves come in at the same time? I’ve numbered them to read in order of receipt to keep them straight.

  19. I read First Flight Around the World for the nonfiction challenge. This week I finished book #2: His Strange Wilderness, also from the nonfiction list. I’m 2/3 the way through the audiobook Echo and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve just picked up a few of the graphic novels and 2 more from the nonfiction challenge that I’ll start as soon as I finish a “non-challenge” book that I’m reading.

  20. 4 down …
    Waistcoats & Weaponry – great finish to a quartet of books (have just purchased the Alexa Tarabotti set of 5, and will read them on my next holiday break)
    Lumberjanes vol.1 – Hilarious, adventurous, girls can tackle anything, including zombies!
    The iron trial – great read, sets the scene for an amazing adventure. Have put The Copper Gauntlet on my “To Read’ pile (which is growing taller by the week)
    Cinder – took longer to read my way through this, more threads in the plot to keep track off. Enjoyable twist on a tradition tale.

  21. Well, with 6 snow days from school. I have read a lot. When I can figure out how to get my Goodreads available to all, will do so (my 1st time on any social media!!) In the meantime, here is what I have read since I finished the Morris and Non-fiction lists.
    #11 The Realm of Possibility (reread) 3.5
    #12 Boy Meets Boy (reread) 4
    #13 Nick & Nora”s Infinite Playlist 2 (crude language is not my thing)
    #14 Ghosts of Heaven 3
    #15 Out of Darkness 3 (violent, crude, not entertaining)
    #16 Bunker Diary 3.5 (not the happy ending you expect)
    #17 Boy in the Black Suit 3.5
    #18 More Happy Than Not 3
    #19 Wintergirls 5 (actually never read before)
    #20 Zeroboxer 3 (good guy book)
    #21 Porcupine of Truth 3 (dragged)
    #22 Unlikely Hero of Room 13B 3 (dragged)
    #23 Bone Gap 4

  22. Right now I’m reading/rereading/listening to:
    -What If?
    -This Strange Wilderness
    -Bones & All
    -Humans of New York: Stories
    -Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Volume 1
    -Drowned City

  23. https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/48956545-julie-trapp?shelf=hub-challenge

    I think this is it. 5 am & I couldn’t sleep so worked on getting this out there. Please remember, I do not go into great lengths reviewing a book. Do not know how some of you can go on for paragraphs about a book – I like or don’t & probably for very superficial reasons – and admire your deep observations at times.

    Question: Lumberjanes 2 is ready at my local library. Do they have to be read in order to make sense or will reading 2 before 1 be confusing? Thanks.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I’ve read Lumberjanes — the first one, but not the second one, yet. The first one does explain a lot that is going on and it seems like it will be relevant for the next book. Might be good to read it first! Either way, enjoy! I think the series is gonna be great!

  24. I listened to Echo by Pam Muñoz Ryan, narrated by Mark Bramhall, David de Vries, MacLeod Andrews and Rebecca Soler, with music by Corky Siegel. I enjoyed finding out how the harmonica traveled across the globe and through time (People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks uses a similar structure). The harmonica has a positively effect on each character who come into it’s possession (unlike People of the Book). The music in the audio recording added a engaging touch and depth because I could hear the music I was reading about. The magical element was interesting, although it didn’t really add to the story.

  25. I’ve just started and have read Shadowshaper and Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. Really enjoyed both of them!

  26. Finished Challenger Deep for my first book. Currently reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. This book is amazing and should be required reading in High Schools and College. Love the #hubchallenge.

  27. I’ve finished nine books with my favorite being Gabi, A Girl in Pieces. Loved it and know it will speak to many girls, regardless of culture.

  28. So far I’ve read Rad American Women A-Z (LOVED!! even though I’m in Canada) and TThis Strange Wilderness, which I’m grateful to have an excuse to read! I’ll be booktalking Rad American Women to some grade 11 and 12 reluctant readers next month! I’m also almost through Cinder, which I am surprised to love!

    I can’t wait until Lumberjanes comes in. The hold list seems like forever. :(

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