Booklist: YA Fiction for Fans of Game of Thrones

WINTER IS COMING; I promise it is and it arrives on April 24th.

Game of Thrones is very violent and very sexual; do teens watch really watch it? Yes! Some of them even watch it with their parents.  Why is Game of Thrones so popular?  It’s about maniacal kings and powerful women and dragons and war and magic. What’s not to like?

Whichever theme your teens find intriguing, there’s a book for that.

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Maniacal Rulers

A reimagining of Alexander the Great where seven people have secrets and missions.

Laia is a Scholar, the lowest of the low, and her brother has been taken by The Masks.  He is her only living family member and she will risk her life to find him.  Elias is a Mask but he doesn’t want to be.  Laia and Elias’ paths cross when Laia goes undercover as a slave at Elias’ military school to get information on her brother.

King Gaius has a plan to take over Mytica at the expense of everyone including his son, Magus.

Powerful Women

Celaena Sardothian is plucked from the salt mines prisons as The Crowned Prince’s Champion to compete to be the king’s personal assassin.  Calaena must fight men three times her size, magical queens, and her own demons to become champion.

Lia, a First Daughter, is betrothed to a prince she has never met to bring peace to the kingdoms.  Lia believes in love and doesn’t want to be used as a pawn so she runs.  In her new life, Lia meets two charming men; however, one is the prince determined win her love and bring her back and one is an assassin who is hired to kill her.

Kelsea, the daughter of dead Queen Elyssa, reemerges to claim the throne.  Her uncle, the Red Queen, of the neighboring kingdom, and others will stop at nothing to kill Kelsea.

Ismae, Sybella, and Annith have escaped horrible circumstances to join a convent of assassin nuns to fight for St. Mortain, the God of Death.

Elli is the Saadelah, next in line to be queen, and has accepted her duty to serve and protect the Kupari people with ice and fire magic.  When her time to reign has suddenly begun, something goes tragically wrong and Elli is forced to hide in the Outlands with the thieves and murderers.  Her time in the Outlands is full of family, love, and a new purpose.

Safi, a Truthwitch, and Iseult, a Threadwitch, just want to escape their lives as they know it to be free and live in peace but Safi made a big mistake and now they are on the run.

Mythical Creatures

Seraphina has a secret; she’s half draconian. When a member of the royal family is murdered by a dragon, Seraphina must keep her secret while finding the murderer even if it’s her family.

Fletcher, an orphan, learns he has the unique ability to summon demons.  After a near attack from neighborhood teens, Fletcher goes to a elite school to train but he soon finds out that he must compete with noble’s kids who will stop at nothing to be the best.

Nic is a slave in Ancient Rome and on a mission to raid Julius Caesar’s tomb, he finds Caeser’s bulla.  After he puts the bulla around his neck, he gains world ending powers that are coveted by the good and the bad.

Kyra is an orphan and a fast climber and she survives by her whits.  Once day, she is summed by the Assassin’s Guild to become an assassin but she realizes that this might be a mistake.

After killing a wolf, Feyra’s punishment is to live in a giant mansion.  She soon discovers that her captor isn’t an animal but a honorable fey.


Kestral is a Valorian and the General’s daughter.  Arin is a Herrani slave who is purchased by Kestral. Kestral has the gift of seeing lies but can she see Arin’s lies?

Mare Barrow is a Red-a lowly, uneducated, slave with disgusting red blood.  The Silvers are like gods because they have powers and their veins run with silver blood.  Mare doesn’t want to be drafted but she has no choice until a stranger changes her life.  She soon finds herself betrothed to a Silver prince and forced to maintain the oppression of the Reds.

The Kingdom of Winter has been overturned and stripped of their magic.  The eight survivors go on a quest to retake their kingdom and their magic.

The royal family has been murdered and their confidant, Connor, goes on a mission to find their missing eldest son to take the throne.  The crowned prince, however, is lost and Connor finds orphans to train to impersonate the prince.

Lea is a hired assassin and a devout follower of Safraella, the goddess of death and resurrection. Lea’s relationship with a member of a feuding family causes strife and Lea finds herself fighting to survive.


Elizabeth is a witch hunter and when she is accused of witchcraft; she becomes the hunted.

Katsa is a graceling-someone who can kill with one touch.  She’s the king, her uncle’s, personal assassin but when she meets Po she discovers new things about herself.

Wilhelmina was a princess until her parents and her country was destroyed by the King.  Now orphaned, Wil and has been tasked to spy on the royal family and if their cover is blown, it could mean death.

A Darker Shade final for Irene

Kel can walk through worlds and he uses this special ability to smuggle and trade antiques.  When his smuggling almost kills him, Delilah comes to his rescue.

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— Dawn Abron, currently binge-watching Making a Murderer