Notes from a Teens Top Ten Book Group Member: All Better Now Fantasy Casting

Teens across the nation vote each year for the Teens’ Top Ten book list and the results are eagerly anticipated during Teen Read Week in October– but did you know how the books are nominated for this list in the first place?

Books are nominated by members of Teens’ Top Ten book groups in school and public libraries around the country. To give you a glimpse of some of the teens behind this process, we’re featuring posts from Teens’ Top Ten book groups here on The Hub. Today we have a fantasy cast list for Emily Wing Smith’s All Better Now created by Tina Van Fossen. Warning! Spoilers below!


All Better Now: A Memoir by Emily Wing Smith All Better Now

I ask myself: how am I living still?
And how I ask it depends on the day.

All her life, Emily has felt different from other kids. Between therapist visits, sudden uncontrollable bursts of anger, and unexplained episodes of dizziness and loss of coordination, things have always felt not right. For years, her only escape was through the stories she’d craft about herself and the world around her. But it isn’t until a near-fatal accident when she’s twelve years old that Emily and her family discover the truth: a grapefruit sized benign brain tumor at the base of her skull.

In turns candid, angry, and beautiful, Emily Wing Smith’s captivating memoir chronicles her struggles with both mental and physical disabilities during her childhood, the devastating accident that may have saved her life, and the means by which she coped with it all: writing.



chloe moretz

Chloe Grace Moretz as Emily

Chloe is a really good actress and is great at playing emotional roles, which is what this part would be.


BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JUNE 09: Actress Joey King arrives at the 1st Annual Children Mending Hearts Style Sunday on June 9, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Children Mending Hearts)

Joey King as Johanna

Joey King is also a really good young actress and would play the snobby Johanna well.


tina fey

Tina Fey as Mrs. Smith

Basically because Tina Fey is the greatest person in the world and slays every movie she’s in.


Tom Hanks as Mr. Smith

The dad-est dad there is. He is really good at at serious movies and would be good at portraying having a child with a brain tumor.

kate hudson

Kate Hudson as Miss Beck

She looks like a nice down to earth teacher.


Skandar Keynes as Rembrandt

Skandar looks like a young edgy teen heart throb that would be great for the fictional character Rembrandt.