YA Books with a Male Point of View

Looking for books with a male protagonist? Check out the list below.




Nathan is the illegitamate son of the most evil witch in the land and is caged and beaten.  Finally freed from his prison, Nathan sets on a journey to find his father.

Fletcher, an orphan and blacksmith apprentice, has discovered a hidden talent. When he travels to a school for kids like him, Fletcher finds himself in the middle of power hungry forces.

Kaz, a member of the Dregs gang, has scored a big heist but he needs help.  He enlists five others to help him break into the unbreakable Ice Court to steal some precious cargo.

Nic is a slave in Ancient Rome and on a mission to raid Julius Caesar’s tomb, he finds Caeser’s bulla.  After he puts the bulla around his neck, he gains world ending powers that are coveted by the good and the bad.

Jeremy Johnson Johnson lives with his father above their Two Book Bookstore in the little town on Never Better.  He’s smart, shy, and has a ghost for a best friend-Jacob Grimm.  One day, Jeremy meets Ginger, a spunky classmate, and the two of them and Jacob get involved into a bit of trouble.

Realistic Fiction

In this reimagination of Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte Holmes is a distant relative of Sherlock and a high school student in American.  James Watson, a distant relative of Dr. John Watson, is student at the same school and Watson and Holmes eventually meet up to solve a murder.

Parker hasn’t spoken since his father’s death but when he meets an interesting girl who claims to be over one hundred years old, he challenges her to live her life to the fullest.

Solomon suffers from agoraphobia.  Lisa is determined to get out of her town and into her dream school by saving Solomon but who ends up saving who?

Although gifted with the written word, soccer star Nick must use his words to fight bullies, deal with his parents, and admit his feelings to  his crush.

A freak accident when he was a child has left Finn with epilepsy.  With an award winning author as a father, Finn has two things all to himself-his best friend and the new girl in town.  When Julia moves away, Finn and his best friend set on a road trip so that Finn can express his feelings to her.

Science Fiction

Darrow is a red and a member of the lowest class.  He and the other Reds believe their hard work hard is for a better planet for their kids but when Darrow finds out he’s basically a slave for the richest class, he infiltrates their Institute to find answers.

Michael is a gamer and spends most of his time in a virtual reality world.  When the makers of the game discover a hacker that is turning other gamers brain dead, they enlist the help of Michael to find and disable the hacker.

Three stories converge.  Ariel a foster child in West Virginia, a schizophrenic man on a journey, and a failed sea voyage from the Alex Crow in the late 19th century.

There are four Londons that exist in four dimensions and only two people in the world can travel between them and one of them is Kell.  Kell is a smuggler and one day his illegal activities catch up to him.

Dai has been sentenced to stay in the walled city for a crime and must find a way to get out. Jin is searching for her sister who was forced to work in a brothel from some big time mobsters. Dani and Jin join forces to obtain the freedom they desire.


Dan’s mother is getting remarried to a nature lover and she thinks a survival weekend will be just the ticket to get them to bond.  Dan on the other hand does not want a new father and will everything he can to sabotage the weekend.

Wes and Corey are at band camp and find themselves at the bottom of the talent level.  When Ash, avery interesting girl, has to play her solo for the group, she plays in an unconventional way.  While the group and the teacher criticize her piece, Wes and Corey praise it and they decide they all three of them are too cool for band camp and set out on a band tour of their own.

Lesh is a gamer, wears all black, and listens to metal. Svetlana wears embroidered skirts and listens to Bjork.  A chance run in begins horribly bad but soon Lesh and Svetlana discover they have feelings that two opposites normally don’t have.

Ethan attends Selwyn Academy for the arts and when a sleazy reality show plans to do their next season at Selwyn starring their students, Ethan and his friends write a letter to the show in protest.  Ethan thinks their letter worked but he soon finds out that the show will go on.

Richard’s cousin has decided to run away with a guy she met on the internet and when she stops answering his texts, Richard enlists the help on Skink to find her and bring her back home.

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