7 Books If You Like The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train starring Emily Blunt comes to theaters October 7th.  Based on the best selling novel by the same title by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train features an unreliable protagonist that may or may not have murdered someone.

If your teens have read or will see The Girl on the Train in theaters and need more books featuring unreliable protagonists, have them check out these seven titles.


Cat woke up on the beach of her summer home in nothing but her underwear however she doesn’t remember what happened.  Two years later, Cat suffers from an unknown illness and the only cure may be to return to her summer home to search for answers.

Zoe has a huge secret that she’s too afraid to share with anyone until she gets the idea to confess to a death row inmate in America.

Violet has a promising ballet career and Amber is an inmate in a juvenile center.  Their only connection is Ori and she is the only person who can release the demons haunting Violet and Amber.

Witnessing an attack on her best friend, Julie fights off the attacker and gets abducted while her friend flees.  One year later, Julie is safe home but continues to get horrific flashbacks of her 48 hour abduction.  With her best friend spiraling out of control, Julie begins to remember things and what she recalls is unexpected.

Angela has lost three year of her life, her memories, her friends and family.  With the assistance of new friends, Angela embarks on a journey to recover herself but when her memories resurface she’ll have to make life changing decisions.

After an accident Triss comes to find that her sister fears her, her parents whisper when she’s around, and she has an insatiable hunger.  When Triss begins to investigate the circumstances of her accident, she uncovers a dark city with a creepy “architect.”

Cameron and his mother are always on the run from their abusive father/husband.  After a suspicious car shows up by their house, they are on the move again and end up in a small town in a creepy farmhouse. After a couple of taunting remarks from his new classmates, Cameron decides to do some research on his new house and uncovers a possible murder 50 years prior.

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— Dawn Abron, currently reading Midnight Star by Marie Lu