5 Books to Read Based on Your Ilvermorny House

It’s Harry Potter season!  Everyone knows about the Hogwarts houses and most people have taken the sorting quiz but what’s the new American wizarding school all about and how do you pronounce it?  Ilvermorny (ill-ver-mor-ney) is where American witches and wizards go to study their craft.  If you’d like to learn more about the history, you may visit the Pottermore website.  You can get sorted into an Ilvermorny house on Pottermore while learning the character traits associated with each house.  After you get sorted, check out the following books that you may enjoy based on your new American wizard house.

Thunderbird House- Thunderbirds have soul and they attract adventurers.


Harper is a ballerina. She works hard but she can’t seem to be as great as her best friend.  When she comes up short on her dream, Harper decides to find her meaning of life on an Antarctican expedition.

Leila is on a road trip to see the Northern Lights and she meets four teens on her travels.  Although their time together is brief, Leila makes a deep impression.

Minn is stuck with her father and new stepmother in Mississippi.  When Minn overhears that her mother is ill back in her hometown of Ohio, she steals her stepmother’s money and hops on a bus.  On her way, Minn meets an attractive photographer, a homeless teen with Down’s Syndrome, and other nefarious people.

Zen likes trains especially the rails in his alternate universe in space.  When a mysterious man named The Raven pays Zen to steal a box from the train of the emperorer, Zen isn’t sure if The Raven is evil or if it’s the government that’s evil.

Blue Riley’s mother has died and her sister has run away. Desparate to find her only family, her sister, Blue makes a deal with the devil.  On a cross country trip to locate her sister, Blue encounters new friends, loves, and enemies.

Pukwudgie House-Pukwudie have heart and attracts healers.


Finch saves Violet and after becoming boyfriend and girlfrind due to a school assignment, Violet finds herself saving Finch.

At the end of WWII, Hanneke is a delivery girl in Amsterdam.  When one of her patrons claims that the Jewish girl she is hiding has vanished, Hanneke desides to risk her life to help locate her.

Hermione is cheerleader and on her final year at cheer camp, she is assaulted but doesn’t remember her attacker.  Determined not to be a victim, Hermione and her friends and family help her deal with her attack so that she can live a happy life.

While replacing the town’s water tower, a mysterious girl named Miel has fallen out of the tower.  Sam who is unafraid helps the girl find a home and they eventually become best friends.

Solomon has been agoraphobic since middle grade.  Lisa wants to get out of her town and Solomon is her ticket.  Lisa needs a subject for her college essay and Solomon is the perfect study.  Will her plan to befriend and cure Sol backfire?

Horned Serpent House-Horned Serpents are about the mind and they attract scholars.


Kestral is a Valorian and the General’s daughter.  Arin is a Herrani slave who is purchased by Kestral. Kestral has the gift of seeing lies but can she see Arin’s lies?

Darrow is a red, the lowest class on the moon.  He works hard believing he is making a better future for his family but when he finds out he and his people are being used for other purposes, he infultrates the higher class for answers and justice.

Sefia’s parents have been murdered and she’s letf to live with her aunt. After witnessing her aunt’s abduction, Sefia must follow the abductors to resue her only family.  In a world where books are nonexistent, Sefia is one of the few who can read. Along with her book gifted by her father, Sefia must use the book to find her aunt but she must also hide the book from the bad guys.

Juliet is the daughter of Doctor Moreau who has been exhiled from England for vivisection.  Determined to find him, Juliet sails to Australia with a handsome boy only to find her father in an unbelievable state.

Gottie is having a tough summer.  Her grandfather has died and she’s been dumped. Upon the unexpected arrival of her best friend from years past, Gottie begins to fall into black holes.  She must find out if she’s really losing time in black holes or if she’s suffering from a mental breakdown.

Wampus House-Wampuses are all about the body and they attract warriors.


In a world where there are no diseases, people must be “gleaned” to control overpopulation.  A scythe is the only person able to glean and while the perk of living for hundreds of years is an advantage; taking lives is the downside. Citra and Rowan have been chosen to apprentice as scythes and while neither wants the job, there can only be one and they must fight to be the last standing.

Sixteen years ago, the magical land called Winter was overthrown leaving eight survivors including the King and his apprentice-Miera.  Determined to win back her land, Miera goes into to battle only to learn that there’s magical elements and politics standing in her way.

Nyx’s little town is ruled by a demon who grants wishes that always has a catch.  Before she was born, Nyx’s father made a foolish wish and now Nyx must marry the demon-Ignifex.  Nyx has known of the arrangement since she was a child and her father has trained her to kill her soon to be demon husband.

Nadia lives in Caanan, a city that celebrates The Forgetting.  Every twelve years every citizen of Caanan forgets everything including their loved ones except Nadia who remembers everything. Nadia must race the clock before the next Forgetting to stop the horrific “celebration.”

What would the world be like if Hitler’s Aryan nation plan had succeeded?  It’s 1956 and Yael, a skinshifter, has been assigned the task of killing the fuhrer by entering and winning a motorcycle race.

— Dawn Abron, currently binge watching Atlanta on FX