Equal Rights Through Fantasy and Science Fiction

Current events sparked a conversation about the disenfranchised in America.  Racism and sexism can be tough subjects to start with teens and a great way to begin is with fantasy and science fiction.  These genres often approach these topics using witches or another class of people as metaphors for real life disenfranchised groups.  If you are thinking about discussing our current political and social climate with your book club or classroom, consider the titles below.



Zen likes trains especially the rails in his alternate universe in space.  When a mysterious man named The Raven pays Zen to steal a box from the train of the emperorer, Zen isn’t sure if The Raven is evil or if it’s the government that’s evil.

Disenfranchised-Non Magical

Elli is the Saadelah, next in line to be queen, and has accepted her duty to serve and protect the Kupari people with ice and fire magic.  When her time to reign has suddenly begun, something goes tragically wrong and Elli is forced to hide in the Outlands with the thieves and murderers.  Her time in the Outlands is full of family, love, and a new purpose.

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemJK Rowling

Disenfranchised-Witches and Wizards

On a brief stop in New York City, Newt Scamander accidentally releases some of his magical beasts onto the city.  While trying to recapture his beasts, Newt; a nomaj; and two American witches find themselves on the hunt for an Obscurus who’s destroying the New York.


Forced to lay low Faith and her family are exiled to an island where her father mysteriously dies.  While looking for answers for her father’s death, Faith discovers a tree that may hold the answers she seeks.

Disenfranchised-Edians (Shapeshifters)

In an attempt to steal the throne from King Edward, Lady Jane is betrothed to a stranger who has a secret.

Disenfranchised-People with red blood

Mare Barrow is a Red-a lowly, uneducated, slave with disgusting red blood.  The Silvers are like gods because they have powers and their veins run with silver blood.  Mare doesn’t want to be drafted but she has no choice until a stranger changes her life.  She soon finds herself betrothed to a Silver prince and forced to maintain the oppression of the Reds.

Disenfranchised-Women and Grisha (witches)

Kaz, a member of the Dregs gang, has scored a big heist but he needs help.  He enlists five others to help him break into the unbreakable Ice Court to steal some precious cargo.

Disenfranchised-Half good witch, half bad witches

Nathan is the illegitamate son of the most evil witch in the land and is caged and beaten.  Finally freed from his prison, Nathan sets on a journey to find his father.

Disenfranchised-The Reds

Darrow is a red and a member of the lowest class.  He and the other Reds believe their hard work hard is for a better planet for their kids but when Darrow finds out he’s basically a slave for the richest class, he infiltrates their Institute to find answers.

Disenfranchised-Malfettos (Teens with special powers)

After the blood fever swept through the country, it left some children with deformities.  These children are called malfettos. Kids with special powers are called Young Elites.  Citizens are afraid of these malfettos and the special children, including the King, and he wants all of them dead.  The Young Elites have made it their mission to find other Elites and fight for the justice of the malfettos.


Breezy woke up from a shallow grave but that’s impossible because she was murdered.  Not sure what she is, Breezy travels the country looking for murderers until she encounters a church who can answer all her questions.

Disenfranchised-Muggles, Magic Kind, and Elves

Harry Potter is famous for surviving an attack from Voldemort and when the attack unexpectedly kills Voldemort, he stops at nothing to regain his body and seek revenge on Potter.

Dawn Abron is currently reading-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling