Diverse Debuts of 2017

At The Hub, we’re committed to spotlighting not only books that feature characters from diverse backgrounds, but also books written by diverse authors. Did you miss some diverse debuts of 2016? Check them out.


In the back of Audrey’s closet sits a letter written by her birth mother.  Audrey has yet to read the letter but when she learns she is pregnant, Audrey suddenly understands what it’s like to be a pregnant teen who must make life altering decisions.

Rhee is an empress who will do almost anything to claim the throne and Aly is a rising star of his planet that has been accused of killing Rhee. What happens when their two planets collide?

Based on Asian Folklore and mythology, this reimagination of the evil queen from Snow White is about a woman who longs to be empress and the jealous god she unleashes to fulfill her desires.

A poor lonely girl who is summoned to be the body double of a cruel princess quickly discovers that luxury is not all it seems to be.

After her and her mother’s conviction of killing a baby, Mary spends nine years in juvenile detention.  Upon her release, she meets Ted and discovers she’s about to become a mother.  In order to save her child from foster care, Mary must rely on her untrustworthy mother for help.

Liesl is a gifted musician whose inspiration comes from the mythical Goblin King. But when her sister is abducted by the Goblin King, Liesl must marry him to release her sister.

In a futuristic Korea, an ex-gang member is recruited by the military to work on a secret weapons project that he soon finds out to be a girl.

Liam is Irish royalty seeking a wife to solidify his family’s standing. Laxshmi is an Indian-American high school student faced with the ultimatum of going to medical school or face an arranged marriage.  When Liam and Laxshmi become neighbors, will Liam and Laxshmi find love?

Margot is angry at her parents for forcing her to work off her punishment of stealing their credit card for a more fashionable wardrobe.  With the inevitable beach party hosted by her peers at her prep school on the horizon, Margot will stop at nothing to be at that party.

Winnie finds herself in a real life Bollywood drama when her boyfriend cheats but wants her back.  Instead of working with her boyfriend to run the film festival she has to compete with the cheater to win the spot.  And after she finds the perfect guy to win that spot, she might be falling for him.

Ivy League bound Justyce is rattled after an arrest and dropped charges.  In order to cope with the arrest, the gossip and stares from his classmates, and the crush he has on his White debate partner, Justyce writes to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to find answers.

Sana has many secrets and one of them is the crush she has on her best friend, Jaime-a girl.

Starr lives two lives. One life is spent in her low income neighborhood and the other is spent in her predominately White high school.  When Starr is the only witness to the murder of her unarmed best friend by a police officer, what she says could get her killed.

Upon moving to America, Fabiola’s mother is detained by immigration leaving her to fend for herself among her cousins in a strange Detroit town.  After finally finding her footing in the tough town, Fabiola finds herself at a crossroads.

— Dawn Abron, currently reading Wintersong by S. Jae. Jones