Beauty and the Beast and Other Classic Retellings

With the highly anticipated theatrical release of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens comes a multitude of YA retelling book display ideas.  Below you’ll find a list of YA books inspired by the classic fairy tale. If you’re looking to expand your display or reader’s advisory, I included retellings inspired by Peter Pan, Shakespeare, and Alice in Wonderland.


Beauty and the Beast

In a village surrounded by a magic forest, the people rely on wizard known as Dragon to keep the magical forest’s powers away. But when Dragon requires a young maiden to serve him for ten years to fulfill the duty, Agnieszka knows her beautiful best friend will be chosen. Or will he choose someone else?

Falling on hard luck, Yeva’s family must move to the woods with the fabled beast that is the object of her father’s obsession.  When Yeva’s father is taken while on a hunting expedition, she must return to the woods to get him back.

Belle is a lot of things and one of them is being trapped in a castle by the beast.  When Belle unwittingly touches the Beast’s rose, she discovers that her mother is the reason for the curse and Belle and the Beast search for clues to break it.

Trying to feed her family, Feyra kills a sacred animal and her penance is to live beyond the wall with Tamlin-a fey.  Illiterate and with no means of escaping, Feyra finds her life in danger by an evil queen.

Nyx’s little town is ruled by a demon who grants wishes that always has a catch.  Before she was born, Nyx’s father made a foolish wish and now Nyx must marry the demon-Ignifex.  Nyx has known of the arrangement since she was a child and her father has trained her to kill her soon to be demon husband.

Peter Pan

A deadly virus has infected London’s adults leaving children disease free.  Captain Hook believes a cure lies within children and when he takes Joanna for experimentation, Gwen; her brothers; Pete and the Lost Boys; and Bella band together to get her back.

Gwen is always moving because of her delusional mother.  On their latest move, Gwen has been granted permission to bring her best friend.  When Gwen and her friend are taken to a strange place called Neverland, she realizes that her mother’s delusions are real.  Gwen and her friend must race against time to escape Neverland or be stuck there forever.

Wylie has problems. With a brother heading to juvie and an over-scheduled life, she decides to follow the dazzling boy to his land where no one ever ages.  Wylie soon discovers that someone has been lying to her.

Wendy Darling lives a posh life in London with a great boyfriend but when a dazzling boy with god like powers called Peter enters through her window, she follows only to find a once dreamlike world has turned into a nightmare.


Hanalee, the daughter of a white mother, is mourning the death of her black father when his accused murderer is released from jail.  After claiming his innocence, Joe informs Hanalee that her father was murdered.  During her quest to find her father’s murderer, Hanalee must deal with her strange step father, the rise of the Klu Klux Klan, and her forbidden feelings for a white boy.

People are beginning to die horrible deaths at a private school where Lila and Maria are the most popular couple on campus.  Maria is in line for a prestigious award and together with Lila, Maria will stop at nothing to get it.

  • Exit, Pursued by a Bear (The Winter’s Tale) by EK Johnston

Hermione is determined to make her senior year the best year beginning with cheer camp but when she’s sexually assaulted, Hermione refuses to be the victim as she finds her attacker.

Alice in Wonderland

All Catherine wants to do is open a bakery with her best friend but her parents want her to marry the king.  When the mysterious Jest comes to work for the king, Catherine becomes enamored and quickly finds herself in his world of tea parties and Mad Hatters.  Will her love of Jest make her heartless?

Dinah is the Princess of Wonderland Palace and she’s bored of parties and tea and her only saving grace is visiting her love-the Knave of Hearts.  When a newcomer enters the palace, his presence threatens Dinah’s love and her life at the Palace.

Alyssa is beginning to hear voices and is afraid she’s going to end up in the mental hospital like her mother.  When Alyssa finds herself in a magical land, she realizes her mother isn’t hallucinating and Alyssa must pass a series of tests to save herself and her family.

Alice soon finds out that her father was right and monsters do exist.  Alice must quickly learn how to fight these monsters, zombies, to save her family.

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