Teens in Outer Space

In February, NASA scientist discover seven Earth like planets out in space.  Although these planets are 40 light years or hundreds of thousands of years away, that doesn’t stop us from wondering if there’s other life out there.  Luckily, there are authors who have wondered the same thing and you can check out their space stories below.

Nemesis is a diabolic-a killing machine.  When her master and friend is summoned to become a hostage for political gains, Nemesis protects her the only way she knows how-she must become her.

Akos, son of an oracle, lives on the farthest planet from the son-Thuvhe. His life along with many others is fated yet, he doesn’t know his fate until all the fates are announced space-wide. Now that all the fates have been revealed, all the fated including Akos and his family are in danger.  Cyra is the youngest daughter of the Shotet’s elite family. The Shotets live on Thuvhe but are at war with Akos’ people. Cyra’s family will stop at nothing to rule their planet including kidnapping and killing to change their fates.

Cinder is a cyborg and was raised by her adopted family after a crash killed her parents.  After her father dies, Cinder’s evil stepmother sells her to the government for testing to find a cure of a deadly virus.  When Cinder realizes she is immune to the virus she also learns that others may not want to use her to save her people.

Ender is special and when the government begins to notice, he is recruited to lead a team of teenagers to fight the enemy in outer space.

Darrow is a red and a member of the lowest class.  He and the other Reds believe their hard work hard is for a better planet for their kids but when Darrow finds out he’s basically a slave for the richest class, he infiltrates their Institute to find answers.

Zen likes trains especially the rails in his alternate universe in space.  When a mysterious man named The Raven pays Zen to steal a box from the train of the emperor, Zen isn’t sure if The Raven is evil or if it’s the government that’s evil.

Kady and Evan happen to be living on a planet that’s just been invaded by two megacorporations.  As they try to flee on an evacuation ship, they are faced with a new problem-a deadly virus.

Rhee is an empress who will do almost anything to claim the throne and Aly is a rising star of his planet that has been accused of killing Rhee. What happens when their two planets collide?

When a spaceliner crashes leaving two survivors, Lilac who comes from money and Tarver who comes from nothing. They must join forces to find life.

— Dawn Abron,  currently reading A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab


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