Sexual Assault Awareness Month Booklist

April is sexual assault awareness month.  As some of your teens may have been a victim of sexual assault or knows someone who has, the following list may offer some assistance to help them cope.

In this reimagination of Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson are school mates in a Connecticut boarding school.  When a popular boy is found dead, Charlotte has been blamed and enlists the assistance of Jamie to clear her name.

Breezy is an MIT bound student when she wakes up dead in a grave.  As Breezy travels the country, as the walking dead, she’s determined to find her killer. During her journey Breezy encounters some interesting characters including: a preacher, a banshee, and cast of colorful monsters.

Hermione is at her last year at cheer camp and she’s vowed to make this the best year ever.  When she wakes up and is told she was sexually assaulted, she then vows to not be a victim.

No one would describe Emma as likable.  She wears revealing dresses and flirts with other people’s boyfriends.  When a video of her sexual assault surfaces on social media, Emma’s friends and family become unsupportive and blames her for ruining those good boy’s lives.

Michelle has a rough home life and decides to run away to New York.  She’s scared and doesn’t know anyone but when a nice handsome boy offers to help, Michelle finds herself in the middle of a sex trafficking house.

Andrew knows it’s a matter of time before he leaves this world to become a werewolf but his friends at his boarding school don’t believe him.  The new girl at school wants to believe him but terrible events from Andrews past surface and it’s a race to get him help before he does something drastic.

Aidan’s has turned to Adderall and his priest to help him cope with his home life.  When his priest’s attention becomes inappropriate, Aidan reaches out to the girl he loves and his friends only to find out he may not be alone.

Quincy and Biddy have special needs but want to be independent.  While Biddy is an introvert, Quincy is an extrovert and when Quincy is assaulted the two women must band together.

-Dawn Abron is currently reading, The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Vurtue