Update on Quick Picks and Amazing Audiobooks @ The Hub

Greetings! As many of you will already know, Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers and Amazing Audiobooks lists have moved to The Hub in order to provide more in depth coverage of nominated titles and to allow for more virtual volunteer opportunities. (Read all about the details of the transition in this post).

I’m happy to say that our new team of Quick Picks and Amazing Audiobooks are now working hard listening and reading to books, and we’ll soon start having blog posts highlighting nominated titles.

If you have a field suggestion for a title that the blogging groups should consider, nominate using the Amazing Audiobooks form or the Quick Picks form. The full details on eligibility and criteria can be found on the Amazing Audiobooks Blogging Group Function Statement and Quick Picks Blogging Group Function Statement.

The Amazing Audiobooks blogging team is:

  • Ariel Cummins, Coordinator
  • Kennedy Penn-O’Toole
  • Beatriz Pascual Wallace
  • Melanie Wachsmann
  • Yolanda Hood
  • Katrina Ortega
  • Tommy Bui
  • Karen Perry
  • Erin Durrett
  • Amy Oelkers
  • Tracy Sumler

The Quick Picks Blogging Team is:

  • Dana Hutchins, Coordinator
  • Karen Lemmons
  • Jenny Zbrizher
  • Jodeana Kruse
  • Jessica Ormonde
  • Kay Hones
  • Lisa Krok
  • Laura Lehner
  • Allison Stevens
  • Carrie Richmond

Regarding Popular Paperbacks, regular (meaning non-selected lists Hub bloggers) will be compiling 10 themed lists a year highlighting “The Best of the Backlist” as a way to continue to provide information on popular books readily available in paperback for libraries.

Easily accessible links to an index of official nominations for QP and AA will go live in the righthand sidebar when blog posts go live, and all this information will be archived for easy access in the top navigation bar under the “about” tab.

Questions regarding selected lists? Please reach out to Molly Wetta, Hub Member Manager, at yalsahub@gmail.com.