Books to Read Based on Your Divergent Faction

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Veronica Roth’s new book, Carve the Mark, has been released and fans are super excited! For new fans, this book might bring them to Veronica’s original phenomenon, Divergent.

In honor of this I have compiled a list of what books you should read based on your Divergent faction. Don’t know your faction? Take a quiz here!

Get your pens and papers or Goodreads account ready, here are some books you’ll love (hopefully!) based on your faction. And if you’re divergent, your list will be even longer!

Erudite: The Intelligent

  • The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

11-year-old Flavia de Luce, who dreams of being a chemist and has a passion for poison, must clear her father’s name in a murder case. By gathering clues, Flavia is able to tie two deaths together and investigate new suspects. This book is perfect for an Erudite because Flavia is tenacious and smart and uses her incredible depth of knowledge to crack the case.

Six unlikely outcasts band together, with the brilliant criminal Kaz leading the way. They must break into a fortress that is known to be impenetrable, without their pasts getting in the way. Six of Crows is great for an Erudite reader as all six characters have to use their smarts and skills to pull off the heist of a lifetime.

Kestrel’s Commander father wants her to join the military or get married, but she has other plans. When she saves the life of a slave, she discovers he is much more than he seems and her new path is set in motion. Kestrel, just like an Erudite, uses her wits and strategic planning to find her way out of difficult situations.

Dauntless: The Brave

After being sexually assaulted at cheer camp, Hermione, must not only come to terms with what happened and face her town, but is determined to find out what happened to her. Like a member of Dauntless, Hermione stands up for herself and fights for what is right.

Katniss takes the place of her young sister in a deadly government officiated event called The Hunger Games. Little does she know that she will find she is fighting for more than her life. Katniss goes to the forefront of a battle not only for her sister, but for her country, making her a natural fit in Dauntless.

Alina grows up thinking she is a perfectly normal girl, until one day she discovers a power she kept hidden deep inside. From then on she is hunted, as she is the only one that can save her world from total darkness. Just like when Tris joins Dauntless, Alina discovers an inner strength that she didn’t know she possessed, and uses it to change her world.

Abnegation: The Selfless

Most of her life Minnow has lived in a commune with her family, but she soon learns the truth about the outside world. This sets her down a path of sacrifices that she, like a true member of Abnegation, must make in order to save the ones she loves.

Liesel finds herself in a dangerous situation during World War II, where she discovers what she must do not only for herself, but for others. While maybe not born into Abnegation, Liesel would find herself choosing to be in this group after learning what is it like to help others.

  • The Great Hunt by Wendy Higgins

All of Aerity’s father has told her that she may marry for love and will not choose for her. When a new evil threatens their kingdom, Aerity must make hard decisions in order to save them all. Selfless to the core, Aerity is a prime example of an Abnegation member, as she gives up her dreams for her family and her country.

Candor: The Honest

A year in the life, told in diary format, of a senior in high school. Gabi goes through everything from finding her first love, to helping a pregnant friend, to being suspended for the one and only time. Her voice is honest and true, like any member of Candor, and this book has something almost everyone can relate to.

This is the story of Noah and Jude, twins with deep, dark secrets. Told in alternating voices of two spans of time, they come to terms with their lies, and learn what needs to be done. Both Jude and Noah have to learn to not only be honest with each other, but with themselves, proving to be true candidates for the Candor faction.

Romy has been telling the truth about the police chief’s son, Kellan, all summer, but no one will believe her. When a girl goes missing and another is assaulted, Romy must stand up for herself and her truth. Like a true member of Candor, Romy speaks her truth and stands up for what she believes in.

Amity: The Peaceful

  • Winter by Marissa Meyer

Winter, the fourth main character in Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles phenomenon, is as pure as you would expect a retelling of Snow White to be. Like all members of Amity, Winter is peaceful and kind, but at what cost to herself?

  • Brazen by Katherine Longshore

Henry Fitzroy “Fitz”, the illegitimate son of Henry VIII, and Mary Howard, cousin of Queen Catherine Howard, are married, but are limited by the rules of the court. Is it worth living in harmony with the king, or better to fight for their love? Like a member of Amity Mary works to keep the peace in her home and her country.

Doug comes from a family of fighters. When he moves to his new town he must not only keep the peace with his family, but with the town as whole. When you’re instantly, incorrectly, branded as a troublemaker, can you break out of that mold? A true Amity will enjoy the story of Doug as he strives to keep the peace between not only his own family, but between his family and his town.

What faction are you a part of? Or are you divergent? Do you think these books fit your faction?

— Tegan Anclade, currently reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell