#QP2018 Nominees: Find Your Style and Botanical Beauty

It’s no secret that many teens find a creative outlet and personal expression through style. Beauty vlogging has become a huge trend on Youtube and most teens I know are aware of at least a few famous ones. Common Sense Media has even created a list of popular beauty vloggers for interested parents. And it’s not just women, there are also quite a few famous male beauty vloggers. This interest in style and grooming can extend to making their own beauty products as well. Quite a few teens have even created successful businesses selling their creations.

The following are two books that hone in on that eternal interest in personal style and DIY creation.

Find Your Style
Find Your Style: Boost Your Body Image Through Fashion Confidence by Sally McGraw
Twenty-First Century Books
February 1, 2017

Find Your Style by Sally McGraw introduces reader to fashion concepts and their deeper meanings. Readers will learn basic style skills, like how to put together outfits, shop on a budget, and choose pieces that flatter their figure. Standard fashion topics are presented with a body positive spin. For example, the chapter on “figuring out your figure” includes section headings like “what do you love about your body?” and “dress to feel good.” Includes tips and opinions from actual teens.

This book features a high interest topic (fashion) and presents it in a way that is incredibly relevant for today’s teens. Connections are drawn between what readers see in the media and their beliefs about fashion, beauty, and their own self-worth. And it doesn’t skimp on the practical style advice. The diverse models and inclusion of different body types makes it relatable for a wide range of teens from many backgrounds. The engaging voice and clear, informative text should be appealing to reluctant readers. Overall, a positive and informative book that encourages teens to think critically and cultivate a healthy self-image. Great for fans of Teen Vogue and Project Runway.

-Jessica Ormonde

Botanical BeautyBotanical Beauty: 80 Essential Recipes for Natural Spa Products by Aubre Andrus
Switch Press
March 1, 2017

Botanical Beauty: 80 Essential Recipes for Natural Spa Products by Aubre Andrus features a variety of DIY beauty recipes. Most only require three to four ingredients. A brief introduction familiarizes the reader with specialty ingredients, like jojoba oil and citric acid. Readers will learn how to safely handle and use essential oils, melt coconut oil, and store their creations. Instructions are clear and complete. There are ideas for packaging the recipes as fun gifts. Bright, colorful photography compliments each recipe.

The topic of affordable DIY beauty products is sure to entice reluctant readers interested in self-care, makeup, and cooking. The photographs are lively and nicely framed, easily on par with anything in a professional magazine. Readers who struggle with reading complex text will appreciate the simple, clear instructions and eye-catching images. The focus on instructions and recipes may lead readers to look for more in-depth books on DIY culture or recipes. Great for fans of YouTube beauty tutorials, and magazines like Seventeen and Cosmogirl.

– Jessica Ormonde

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