Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers (#QP2020) Nominees Round Up, August 27 Edition

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Bad Boys of Fashion: Style Rebels and Renegades Through the Ages by Jennifer Croll and Illustrated by Aneta Pacholska
Annick Press
April 9, 2019
ISBN: 9781773212432

Bad Boys of Fashion explores famous men throughout the ages that were daring in their clothing choice and design.  Through fashion they created themselves and, knowingly or not, brought change to the world. From Louis XIV to Sean Combs, men who were royalty, rock stars, designers, sports stars, world leaders and more are presented, and their fashion choices explained within societal history of the time.

This book has at least one, and probably MANY people that readers will know, drawing them in.  The articles about each person vary from a one page short description to several pages covering their lives and how their bold choices changed fashion over time. Even those who care little for fashion will find the history this book covers fascinating. The ideas about how these people’s choices of what to wear altered their lives and the world around us are eye opening.

Readers of history through unusual lenses, such as Symphony for the City of the Dead by M.T. Anderson or who enjoyed Jennifer Croll’s other books including Bad Girls of Fashion will love this book.

Cathy Outten

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