Great Graphic Novels (#GGN2021) Nominees Round Up, April 2 Edition

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Invisible Kingdom, vol. 1 by G. Willow Wilson and Christian Ward
Berger Books / Dark Horse Comics
Publication Date: November 5, 2019
ISBN: 9781506712277                                                                                    

In a far away galaxy, a freighter pilot and a religious disciple find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy between the largest religious group and largest employer in the universe. Vess is a new “none” which is a disciple of the teaching of the “Renunciation.” Grix is an experienced fighter pilot that has been working for the mega-corporation of Lux. When Vess catches the eye of an elder and becomes the new scriptorium, she realizes that large sums are deposited from Lux into the elder’s account each month. Grix notices that the cargo she carries does not match the manifest and begins to realize that something is going on at Lux. Both Vess and Grix know they risk death if they are caught before they can receive assistance from the Duni Government. Will they give in and hide or fight to make sure the conspiracy is known?

Invisible Kingdom has a fantastic plot and even better illustrations. Christian Ward does a beautiful job rendering this galaxy, the non-human races, costuming, and landscapes. His drawings are otherworldly, yet familiar enough not to detract from the story. G. Willow Wilson creates two strong female characters that are opposite each other in nature and experience, but share the same view on justice in the galaxy.

This graphic novel is marketed for adults, but could satisfy older teens looking for something more meaty. Fans of the three-volume space saga Outpost Zero by Sean McKeever will appreciate the conspiracies and mysteries as well as the beautiful depiction of space.

—Erin Durrett

Batman: Nightwalker by Stuart Moore, Marie Lu, and Chris Wildgoose
DC Ink / DC Comics
Publication Date: October 1, 2019
ISBN: 9781401280048

Bruce Wayne has just come into his inheritance from his deceased parents when a band of criminals known as the Nightwalkers start stealing from the poor and murdering them in their extravagant homes. When Bruce gets caught up in a high-speed chase, he lands in Arkham Asylum for community service where he meets a girl that makes him question who is a villain. Is this villain misunderstood, or is she the remorseless monster they say she is?

This book is a perfect origin story for Batman. With beautiful monochromatic art depicting action-packed scenes, Moore has crafted a perfect, well-paced adaptation of Marie Lu’s novel. By developing realistic relationships between Bruce and his friends, Moore and Lu create a world so enthralling that readers will immediately wish there was a second volume for them to devour.

Fans of the CW’s Flash and Arrow, Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Louise Simonson and Leigh Bardugo, and Marie Lu’s other work will love this energetic title.

Isaiah West

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