Amazing Audiobooks (#AA2022) Featured Review of Class Act by Jerry Craft

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Class Act by Jerry Craft; narrated by Nile Bullock, Jesus del Orden, Guy Lockard, Marc Thompson, Peyton Lusk, Rebecca Soler, Dan Bittner, January LaVoy, Phoebe Strole, Jordan Cobb, A.J. Beckles, Robin Miles, Ron Butler, Miles Harvey, Kim Mai Guest, Kyla Garcia & Soneela Nankani
Publication Date: January 5, 2021
ISBN: 9780063032057 

Drew Ellis, Jordan Banks and Liam Landers are back at Riverdale Academy Day School for their eighth grade year, where they have to navigate microaggressions, colorism and class differences.  The focus of this book is Drew and his home life with his grandmother, his longing to join the basketball team without becoming a stereotype, and his growing resentment towards Liam, the wealthiest of his friends.

The use of a full cast and sound effects makes this title listen like an old school radio program, allowing the listener to be fully immersed in the story.  This title deals with a lot of difficult topics in a way that younger listeners can understand and relate to.  It would be perfect for middle grade and younger teens.

Fans of Craft’s companion graphic novel New Kid, will appreciate getting more adventures with Drew, Jordan and Liam.  For those interested in books that deal with complex male friendships, colorism and racism in middle school and cultural diversity, look to Justin A Reynolds’ Early Departures and Clean Getaway and Jewel Parker Rhodes’ Black Brother, Black Brother.  Another excellent graphic novel turned audiobook is When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jameson and Omar Mohamed.

–Candace Fox

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