Great Graphic Novels (#GGN2022) Nominations Round-Up, Spring

Each quarter, the Selected Lists teams compile the titles that have been officially nominated to date. These are titles that have been suggested by the team or through the  title suggestion form, read by multiple members of the team, and received approval to be designated an official nomination. At the end of the year, the final list of nominations and each Selected List’s Top Ten will be chosen from these titles.

Alienated. By Simon Spurrier. Art by Chris Wildgoose. 2020. BOOM! Studios. $19.99 (9781684155279). 

Three teenagers named Sam (Samuel, Samantha, and Samir) encounter an alien with incredible powers that bonds to them. But will they use those powers for good or for evil?

Asadora!, v.1. By Naoki Urasawa. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature. $14.99 (9781974717460). 

A storm sweeps into Nagoya, and young Asadora—with the help of unlikely friends—must find a way to rescue her family. But there’s more to the storm than just rain and wind as Asa soon discovers.

Bad Machinery, v.10: The Case of the Severed Alliance. By John Allison. Oni Press. $12.99 (9781620108475). 

Time always moves forward, and our friends from Tackleford are quickly finding that out. Longtime friendships and romances are put to the test, but when one big final mystery comes to fruition, the crew must join together to solve their final case.

The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History. By David F. Walker. Art by Marcus Kwame Anderson. Penguin Random House / Ten Speed Press. $19.99 (9781984857705). 

The rise of the revolutionary Black Panther Party—from its inception in 1966 Oakland, California, to its dissolution in the 1980s—is documented in this beautiful and riveting nonfiction comic.

Blue Flag, v.6. By KAITO. VIZ Media. $12.99 (9781974713066). 

Taichi, Futaba, Toma, and Mami’s friendship and love quadrangle continue in this warm-hearted series.

The Disney Bros.: The Fabulous Story of Walt and Roy. By Alex Nikolavitch. Art by Felix Ruiz. 2020. NBM Publishing. $19.99 (9781681122663). 

Walt and Roy Disney’s bumpy journey from animating at Universal to creating Walt Disney Studios is chronicled in this informative biography.

Ghosted in L.A. By Sina Grace. Art by Siobhan Keenan. 

  • v. 2. 2020. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box. $14.99 (9781684155415).
  • v. 3. 2020. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box. $14.99 (9781684156047).

Now settled into Rycroft Manor, Daphne must put to rest some ghostly complications and figure out the rest of her life—assuming she still has one.

I’m a Wild Seed. By Sharon Lee De La Cruz. Street Noise Books. $12.99 (9781951491055). 

De La Cruz’s vibrant and buoyant graphic memoir reflects on her journey to dismantle the effects of oppressive power structures on her identity as a queer Afro-Latina. 

Incredible Doom, v.1. By Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden. HarperCollins / HarperAlley. $16.99 (9780063064935). Four teens find their lives entwined when they connect to Evol BBS, a dial-in bulletin board system from the early days of the Internet. 

Love Me, Love Me Not, v.6. By Io Sakisaka. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat. $9.99 (9781974713141). 

Four friends, Akari, Kazuomi, Rio, and Yuna, continue to negotiate their complicated romantic feelings for each other, while trying to maintain their friendships.

Nubia: Real One. By L.L. McKinney. Art by Robyn Smith. DC Comics. $16.99 (9781401296407). 

Seen as a threat when she’s trying to help, Nubia has always kept her super-strength hidden from the public eye. But when her loved ones are in trouble, she must step out of the shadows and into her power.

Odessa. By Jonathan Hill. 2020. Oni Press. $19.99 (9781620107898). 

Eight years after a massive earthquake turns America into a post-apocalyptic landscape, 18-year-old Ginny and her brothers find their mettle tested as they set out to find their missing mother. 

Omni, v.1: The Doctor Is In. By Devin Grayson. Art by Alitha Martinez. 2020. Humanoids / H1. $14.99 (9781643376196). 

After a life-or-death situation, Dr. Cecelia Cobbina finds herself suddenly “ignited” with powers. Now, Cecelia is on a journey to find ordinary folks, like herself, who are igniting with new powers in a world that has had enough.

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? By Matt Fraction. Art by Steve Lieber. 2020. DC Comics. $29.99 (9781779504623). 

Jimmy is a Pulitzer-winning photographer and also a goofy content creator for the Daily Planet‘s website. However, when one of his stunts ends up destroying a major landmark, he becomes embroiled in the mystery of his own murder.

What If We Were. By Axelle Lenoir. 2020. IDW Publishing / Top Shelf Productions. $14.99 (9781603094801). 

Through the imaginative game of “What If,” best friends Nat and Marie while away the time, giving readers glimpses of their lives and relationships. But when one of them starts falling for a classmate, will Nat and Marie’s friendship remain the same?

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