Great Graphic Novels (#GGN2024) Featured Review: My Life Among Humans by Jed McGowan

  • My Life Among Humans
  • by Jed McGowan
  • Publication Date: February 7, 2023
  • Publisher: Oni Press
  • ISBN: 9781637151990

When the unnamed alien protagonist of My Life Among Humans is sent to Earth, their mission is clear: send their scouts into the minds of humans to observe their lives and send daily reports back to their Manager. If they are detected, their mission, and they themselves, will be terminated. Everything goes smoothly during the initial data collection cycles, but when the Manager asks for more subjects, the alien is discovered. In order to hide their error, the alien begins mind-controlling a family. The alien quickly realizes how difficult it is to puppet them through normal human interactions, and suddenly needs to cover up the initial cover-up.

My Life Among Humans is a whimsical and accessible story for teens who are new to science fiction, while still containing powerful reflections on what it means to be human. The alien is designed adorably and voiced in a way that allows readers to identify with its accidental invasion. Anyone who has had a terrible boss in retail or food service will recognize the alien’s experiences.

Fans of gentle stories about aliens, like Steven Universe, will enjoy My Life Among Humans. Teens may also enjoy last year’s Galaxy: The Prettiest Star, which also features aliens hiding in plain sight of humans. 

—Jean Broughton

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