Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers (#QP2024) Feature Review: Extra Life (Young Readers Adaptation) by Steven Johnson

  • Extra Life (Young Readers Adaptation)
  • by Steven Johnson
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Imprint: Viking Books for Young Readers
  • Release date: January 3, 2023 ISBN: 9780593351499

Humans have doubled their life expectancy. Extra Life explores the scientific advancements that have prolonged human life, including vaccines, seat belts, and pesticides. It provides a deep dive into modern history and scientific advances, which not only informs, but also speculates on the impact this has on the planet and our future.

With large font and interesting chapter titles, a hefty bibliography and index, this book also includes recommended reading and would be a perfect resource for basic science inquiries and the starting point for further topic investigations.

Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary by Gail Jarrow, The Deadliest Diseases Then and Now by Deborah Hopkinson, and History Smashers: Plagues and and Pandemics by Kate Messner.

-Lorrie Roussin

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