Amazing Audiobooks (#AA2020) Nominees Round Up, July 25 Edition

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The Things She’s Seen by Ambelin and Ezekiel Kwaymullina; Narrated by Miranda Tapsell
Listening Library / Penguin Random House
Publication Date: May 14, 2019
ISBN: 978-1984884398 

A car accident may have killed Beth Teller, but her spirit lingers to help her detective father cope with the overwhelming grief of her loss.  When a small-town arson case meant merely to distract him leads both of the Tellers to interview a prophetic witness, Isobel Catching, life and death connections are formed.  Catching can see Beth, too, and from her hospital bed Catching spins for the Tellers a convoluted tale of grayness, shimmering beasts, indescribable pain, and The Other Place.  Meanwhile, bodies continue to collect around town as Catching’s poems intensify.  Can the Tellers see the horrifying truth of the case unfolding before them before anyone else gets hurt?  Told in alternating perspectives, Beth through prose and Catching in verse, this gripping thriller by Aboriginal siblings shines a light on cultural bias and trauma while affirming the indomitable spirit of young women.

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Booklist for Choose Privacy Week

Privacy, a cornerstone of library service, is something that teens can often take for granted, especially online. Choose Privacy Week is May 1-7, and is a time when we can highlight privacy’s importance in our lives, and what is at stake with the possible corrosion to one’s personal privacy for and with our teen patrons. Teens should understand that privacy is their civil right, and user agreements and data collection are edging on those rights.

Following is a list of books and resources that can engage teens in discussion and/or contemplation of what protecting their privacy can mean for them.

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