An Introduction to Sports Anime

Full disclosure:  I am not a fan of sports by any stretch of the imagination. After a brief (and fairly disastrous) bout with middle school basketball I have studiously avoided athletics of all flavors, even as a spectator, but I LOVE Sports Anime!

This genre tends to focus on character driven stories with boatloads of delicious drama. The four series featured below don’t assume that you have a great deal of prior knowledge about the athletic activities that they focus on and each does a great job of deftly integrating necessary information into the narrative without over explaining or talking down to their audience. Continue reading An Introduction to Sports Anime

For the Love of the Game

I live in Northwest Missouri and, as such, frenetically watch the Kansas City Royals at any and all opportunities. It’s a little easier thing to claim than it was ten years ago. You’re probably thinking “Oh how easy it must be to love the Royals these days!”

Okay. Yeah. It’s really easy. But it hasn’t always been that way. I still remember dark and terrible things. Jimmy Gobble giving up ten runs in one inning. Our lone all star in 2006 being a pitcher who had an ERA over 5.00. Losing so, so many games. Having people laugh at you and tell you to defect to the Cardin-NO! I’M NOT GOING TO!

Anyways, the Royals just won the World Series and I’m still recovering from the aftereffects. I mean, I would have been in shock just based on the fact that I got to go to Game 1. Then it ended up being an instant extra-innings classic that I will never forget. Never.

Ethan and Friend

I love baseball. I’ve loved it since I was in high school and really started following the Royals. My school didn’t have a baseball team and I’d stopped playing in third grade, but that didn’t matter. I fell utterly and hopelessly in love. Suddenly watching my team actually compete after so many years of punchline-worthy play causes my stomach and emotions to dance around throughout the season much in the same way that happens every time I watch one of the trailers for the new Star Wars movie. Continue reading For the Love of the Game