Jukebooks: Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Dangerus by Shannan HaleIt begins, as so many adventure stories do, with a cereal box. Maisie reads about a sweepstakes (Grand Prize – Three Weeks at Howell Astronaut Boot Camp!) and decided to enter. One would expect that from a girl named Maisie Danger Brown, even if she is missing a hand. Before she knows it, Maisie is at Boot Camp and falling in love. Then things really do get dangerous. Who would expect that a random choice of cereal would lead to saving the world?

Dangerous is also the name of a Michael Jackson album released in 1991. It enjoyed immediate, skyrocketing success. Seven singles from the album were released in the United States; the song Dangerous was not one of them. Jackson did perform to the song on numerous occasions, such as at the 1995 American Music Awards, shown below. The video clip shows his entire, amazing performance.

Jackson is obviously lip-syncing, but there is no way to fake his preternatural dance moves.

-Diane Colson, currently reading Dear Killer by Katherine Ewell