Jukebooks: Guy in Real Life by Steve Brezenoff

Guy in Real Life by Steve BrezenoffLesh is named after the bass guitarist for The Grateful Dead. He wears black. He scowls. And yet, when he meets Svetlana, she of the flowing skirts and pale blonde hair, Lesh is mesmerized. She’s so fresh, so full of vitality. Without thinking it through very deeply, Lesh creates an elf princess character for an online MMO game who looks like Lana and is named “Svvetlana.”

Turns out, Lesh loves playing as a statuesque elf princess way more than playing a man-character such as an orc. Is that…weird?

Lesh and Svetlana are as opposite as winter and summer personality-wise, and it comes out in their musical tastes as well. She: Bjork. He: Heavy metal band called What Dwells Within.

What Dwells Within has a new name – A Sound In Sight. Click below to get a sample of their sound.

-Diane Colson, currently readingĀ Divided We FallĀ by Trent Reedy