Great Graphic Novels (#GGN2021) Nominees Round Up, August 27 Edition

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Fence, vol. 4: Rivals by C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad, and Joana LaFuente
BOOM! Box / BOOM! Studios
Publication Date: June 30, 2020
ISBN: 9781684155385

Fence is back with a long-awaited volume four! In this installment, the King’s Row fencing team has been finalized. Up until this point, every fencer was playing for himself, but now they need to work as a team if they want to defeat other schools in competition. Seiji is training hard while Nicholas takes remedial lessons to focus his accuracy. Then, the King’s Row team has to face off against MacRobertson, the school that knocked them out of contention for the State Championship the previous year. It seems that MacRobertson knows all of the players’ fencing styles, and it looks like they could be unstoppable. Can King’s Row get it together to pull out a win?

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