Booklist: Survival Stories

For readers looking for action-packed survival stories in real life situations, here’s a selection of fiction and nonfiction about struggles to live through harrowing condition at sea, in the mountains, and in the wilderness.

PeakPeak by Roland Smith

On April 25, 2015, nineteen people died on the slopes of Mt. Everest when an earthquake triggered an avalanche. Nevertheless, the quest to scale the tallest mountain in the world calls to many, perhaps too many, guaranteeing that the slopes will once again fill with climbers. The showmanship of this kind of achievement is one of the issues in Roland Smith’s Peak. 

Peak is the given name of a fourteen-year-old, daredevil teen boy who is arrested for scaling a skyscraper in New York City. As a way out of juvenile detention, Peak agrees to cross the globe to stay with the mountaineer father he barely knows. His father has a scheme to make Peak the youngest to ever climb Mt. Everett, a dangerous scheme that could be big money for Peak’s dad. This is complicated by the fact that a fourteen-year-old Nepalese boy in the same expedition.

Readers can expect Smith’s characteristic high-level suspense and authentic details. The added drama of Peak’s race to be the youngest flushes out the undercurrents of greed and ambition that can fuel such deadly expeditions. Continue reading Booklist: Survival Stories