Is This the Real Life? Winter Sports

It’s not really a secret that I am a sports fan. My true sports loves are baseball and hockey, so I am really excited for the Winter Olympics this month. All the hockey! And the tiny child in me loves figure skating too. All of this means that this month’s contemporary theme is winter sports!

I had trouble finding titles, so I am definitely hoping for some more suggestions in the comments (there are a lot of sports books with basketball, baseball, and football…the hockey fan in me is trying not to be offended).  There will be some overlap here with Jennifer’s recent Hub post on ice skating.

Confessions of an Almost GFConfessions of an Angry Girl by Louise Rozett (and the sequel)

Rose is trying to deal with her new life. Her hockey player brother is away at college, her father died as a civilian in Iraq, her mother’s will is gone, her best friend had a personality transplant, and then there is the former hockey player bad boy who may or may not be flirting with her. All while trying to navigate high school.


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