2015 Hub Reading Challenge Check-In #9

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How’s the reading going? I’ve got 11 finished, 2 more in-progress, and one waiting to start that just arrived from the library. I’ll still be tight to finish within the timeframe, but I’m feeling good overall.

Do you have any favorites emerging from those you’ve read? I don’t know if I have an overall favorite. I do know that both The Family Romanov and Half Bad have really stuck with me, and that The Crossover made me ache with both the beauty of the structure and the sadness of the story at the end of it (since it also won the Newbery Medal, I’m not surprised!). I know that I’ve been checking out the Great Graphic Novels, both because they go quickly and because I don’t generally read them on my own, and I haven’t found one that I LOVE yet, so I need to read more of those as I’m selecting books to get 25 in. And I know that I’m particularly enjoying savoring All the Light We Cannot See right now, since it’s a book that was already on my need-to-read list for this year, before I knew it was an Alex Award winner. What stories do you have to share about the books that have stuck with you so far?

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2015 reading challenge logo - participantAs you all know, you have until 11:59 PM EST on June 21st to finish at least 25 challenge books (here’s the full list of eligible titles).   If you haven’t already, don’t forget to post the Participant’s Badge on your blog, website, or email signature, and, as always, if you have any questions or problems, let us know in the comments or via email.

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18 thoughts on “2015 Hub Reading Challenge Check-In #9”

  1. I haven’t updated here for a while, but I’m up to 23 completed. I read I am Pusheen the Cat (so cute), Ms. Marvel: No Normal (loved it)), and finished Scar Boys (didn’t love it). I’m almost done listening to Revolution and I started reading Wolf in White Van and then I will have reached 25. I don’t plan to stop there though. I am still working on And We Stay (slow going) and still have I’ll Give You the Sun to read and several other titles I want to read, mostly notably, Gabi, a Girl in Pieces. I don’t think I’ll make it through the entire list though.

    Tracking here: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/2072864-kim?shelf=hub-challenge-2015

      1. No, you were right the first time – Revolution is on there – Amazing Audiobooks.

  2. I just completed number 18 with some extra reading time coming up soon. I can see the finish line now. I am enjoying all of the novels that I have read, both non- fictions have kept my attention which is out of the ordinary for me, but I am still struggling to find a graphic novel that I really like.

    1. Melissa, Have you tried, This One Summer (listed as Printz) but is a graphic novel and wow, it was great. Also, My Friend, Dahmer by Derf Backderf (listed under Popular Paperbacks) about Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer!!!

  3. I haven’t checked in for a few weeks but have listened to Define Normal, Fat Boy vs the Cheerleaders, Skink-No Surrender and finishing listening to Revolution by Deborah Wiles.
    I read and loved Noggin, This One Summer, Find Momo which brings me to 19 books. I have enjoyed all the titles I read or listened to- thanks for such a great list!

  4. I’m up to 9 titles so far. Slowly but surely! This week I read Girls Like Us and finished the Skink No Surrender audiobook. I really enjoyed them both! Girls Like Us is going to stick with me for a long time. Excellent.

  5. I just finished The Carnival at Bray. (I think that is number 18 for me.) I actually delayed finishing it, because I didn’t want it to end. I think this will be one of those that sticks with me. Some others on the list have had a similar effect on me: Gabi, a Girl in Pieces (please, let there be a sequel to that book some day!) Crossover (so structurally beautiful and bittersweet,) and the nonfiction book, Beyond Magenta.

  6. Missed check-in last week as I was out of town for Easter break. Only have 3 to add.

    #59 The Jackaby 4/5 Great book
    #60 Curtseys & Conspiracies 4/5 While the narrator was only so-so, I liked the story. Book 1 was on the list last year to read.
    #61 Fat Boy vs, the Cheerleaders 3/5 Narration was boring as was the story

  7. Since my last check in I have read:
    I am Pusheen – Cute but not a lot to it
    This One Summer – I liked it, but the ending seemed abrupt
    Through the Woods – So creepy!
    Tomboy – Really good

    This brings my total to 18, and I have a plan for the final 7, so I feel confident that I will finish the challenge this year! I have signed up for the challenge every year and never managed to complete it, so I’m very proud of myself :) Doing the Morris and Nonfiction challenge helped a lot.

  8. I’m a little depressed with my progress this year. I’m not sure I’m going to finish, but at least I’m pushing myself to read some of the amazing books on the list this year. I just finished Everything I Never Told You and will immediately begin recommending it to my students, many of whom I saw pieces of in the characters of the novel. I’m almost done with And We Stay and am hoping to pick up a few of the graphic novels for a trip I’m taking at the end of the week.

    Total = 5

  9. I decided to actually finish I’ll Give You the Sun. There was no redemption for me in the ending. Still didn’t like it.
    Which made me a little leery when I started Bellweather Rhapsody…is the whole boy/girl fraternal twins where the boy is gay a thing now? But I am LOVING this book.
    I also have started The Terrorist’s Son which I’m finding fascinating.

    My total stands at 11.

  10. I finished this week – technically – though I intend to keep on reading. I actually had a slow week completing only two titles:

    #25 Lockdown – I was enjoying this book quite a bit until the ending, which I felt was just too abrupt. He is in Progress, dealing with issues – turn the page and it is one year later! I believe this was my first book by Myers. I will look for others.

    #26 Bingo’s Run – I did not care for this book very much. I am getting to a point in my life (apparently) where though I am cognizant of people whose lives, like Bingo’s, are extraordinarily difficult – I am no longer interested in reading about it. I think I am becoming an ostrich.

    I am just starting Skink, Darkness Before Dawn and the Romanovs. Hopefully I will finish them a couple of others this week. No way will I get through the entire list. I can’t find a fair number of the titles locally and I don’t plan to do much rereading. I’ll be surprised if I end up with 50 this year. In previous years I’ve been closer to 65 each year.

  11. Working my way through Carnival at Bray, which is #5, very slow going this year, it will be interesting to see if I can finish. C at B is good but kind of slow, not finding myself excited to read, but it could just be the climate of life.

  12. Oh wow, I haven’t submitted an update in forever! I’m up to 52 books read, and I’m aiming to complete them all. Should we wait to fill in the form if we’re going to read them all?

    I finished The Gospel of Winter this morning, and while I found it very well written, I didn’t love it. It certainly will need the right reader. The main character had a lot of Holden Caulfield in him, though, so readers who really like Catcher in the Rye might appreciate this one.

  13. I missed two updates. During that time, finished I’ll Give You the Sun (#10- loved it) and Through the Woods (#11-didn’t love it). Still moving forward!

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