Flashback Friday: Books from the ’90s

The Hub Loves the '90sIt’s Flashback Friday and The Hub is taking you back to the 1990s! Last week, Jessica Lind discussed the ’90s nostalgia emerging in contemporary pop culture in her post titles The Hub Loves the ’90s. Now we’re going to be flashing back to what young adults were reading in the ’90s. The inspiration for this post was the television show Fresh off the Boat. The show based on Eddie Huang’s best-selling memoir, is about a Taiwanese-American family living in the suburbs of Orlando, FL during the ’90s. The show gave me a very funny librarian thought: what if the tweenage Eddie went to the library on Fresh off the Boat– what would the librarian recommend to him? This thought caused me to crack open the librarian vault and take a journey back to the decade that had us rolling with the homies….

So it’s time to break out your flannel, find those old shoe-lace hair clips, put on Wannabe by the Spice Girls and grab your favorite Pogs, because we’re going to the 90’s!

Here are some ’90s YA lit titles in chronological order that you might want to think about re-reading or checking out for this first time.


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Full disclosure: The first book in the Dangerous Angels series by Francesca Lia Block was written in 1989 but the other books from the series were published during the ’90s.

Be sure to check back next week for our third installment of The Hub Loves the ’90s when Traci Glass discusses historical fiction set during the decade. Can you believe the ’90s are already considered historical?!

-Katie Shanahan Yu, currently reading The Scar Boys by Len Vlahos

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