Monday Poll: Wrap Up

Good morning! This marks the last Monday Poll feature. Last week, we asked what your favorite boarding school novel was, and it was neck-and-neck between The Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter with 29% of the votes and Looking for Alaska by John Green with 27% of the votes.

As always, you can browse the past polls in the archives. These are great fodder for display ideas or even passive programs. While they’ve been fun, we’re going to transition to a new Monday feature here at The Hub, so stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Monday Poll: Wrap Up”

    1. Hi Leslie,

      We’re making a change, but it will still be a discussion of a theme with input from readers — we hope you will still make it a part of your Monday and participate!

  1. I’ll miss the Monday Poll! It was something I always looked forward to (I always enjoyed voting, seeing how my opinion compared to others, and reading the comments & write-ins left by fellow Hub-bers). I’m excited to see what you all are cooking up, though. I’m sure it will be something awesome :)

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