Monthly Monday Poll: February – Adaptations + Circulation

Hello Hub Readers, and Happy February!Monday Poll @ YALSA's The Hub

Last month, we asked about your reading goals and priorities for 2017, and a whopping 43% of you responded that your priority this year is to read more content that diversifies your reading list by choosing titles by and/or about people who are different from you in physical or experiential ways. Not far behind, with 38% of the responses, were readers committed to reading more titles in 2017, amassing more options to your arsenal of completed texts. 10% are prioritizing the social connections reading can foster, 5% are focused on reading the most critically-celebrated books on offer, and 4% are focusing their reading efforts beyond the offerings of the Big 5 publishers to seek out indie gems. Just the idea of all these fired up readers applying energy and resolve to the act of absorbing narratives, with all the impacts that can have, makes me more hopeful about the year ahead. If you’re looking to quantify some of these goals, we invite you to join the 2017 Hub Reading Challenge, which offers up titles to fit every one of these priorities!

This month, we’re returning to a favorite theme: page-to-screen adaptations, and their effect on circulation in your library (if your library is anything like mine, it’s considerable!). Have you seen measurable changes in the demand for the book editions of these recent and soon-to-be-released screen adaptations?

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As always, let us know in the comments if we’ve left off a title that’s flying off your library’s shelves!

— Carly Pansulla, currently reading The Reader by Traci Chee

3 thoughts on “Monthly Monday Poll: February – Adaptations + Circulation”

  1. I wonder how they are going to work out Wonder on film with the main character ‘s (Auggie) face being severely deformed. I am wondering how that will translate on film. Also am I the only one excited about Fifty Shades Darker?!?

    1. The stills from the movie look like they did a fairly good job with Auggie’s face.

      I’m sure many people are excited for 50 Shades Darker, it’s just not included since it’s not really a teen-centric movie.

  2. The Series of Unfortunate Events books have seen a huge spike in circulation in my library after the release of the Netflix Series. I was a little surprised not to see that one on the list. Glad to see that Hidden Figures is experiencing so much popularity right now though!

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